Doctor Who: Planet of Fire
the volcano synchronised with another evil chuckle from the Master. ‘I am sorry to be deprived of the pleasure of seeing you die, Doctor.’ He smiled through the bars.
    ‘Though I am consoled by the thought that your imminent and inevitable demise will be excrutiating!’ He turned abruptly from the cave. ‘Now, Chief Elder, I have work for you all, elsewhere.’
    ‘Work?’ protested the old man. ‘But where are the gifts?
    The Outsider always brings gifts from Logar!’
    The Master could see the Elders muttering suspiciously amongst themselves. With so much at stake he would need to be scrupulous in observing their bizarre protocol. ‘Of course,’ he reassured them. ‘The gifts. I have them in safe keeping at the ruin... Buried!’
    Turlough watched from behind a pillar as Timanov, after a brief discussion with the surrogate Master, explained to the citizens that they were all to go to the ruin where the blue box had materialised. From his hiding place Turlough saw the Master, his metal hand tight around Peri’s wrist, lead the Elders to the entrance. The girl gave one last, frightened glance back towards the prisoners in the cave. The Doctor waved reassuringly.
    With a cruel laugh, the Master dragged the young American down the steps of the portico, while the chattering crowd began to follow the Elders out into the streets and towards the outskirts of the city.
    Inside the cave, the Doctor turned wretchedly from the entrance. Suddenly he held up a hand. It was sticky from where he had been gripping one of the cross bars of the grid. He sniffed the rust-like deposit and moved to the wall of the cave. ‘I knew something more than rock was screening me from Kamelion.’ He searched in his pocket and produced a small penknife with which he began to scrape at the stone.
    A shadow fell across the entrance of the cave.
    ‘Turlough!’ cried Amyand.
    The boy put a finger to his lips and pointed to where several citizens were still leaving the Hall. The Doctor joined his companion at the grid. ‘What kept you?’ he asked, rather sarcastically.
    ‘I’ve been to my father’s ship.’
    The Doctor frowned. That young man had a lot of explaining to do. But for the moment they had to get clear of the cave and after Peri.
    ‘Hurry up, Turlough.’ said Roskal. ‘The flame could return at any moment.’
    ‘I doubt it,’ answered Turlough, struggling with the bolt which was fixed tantalisingly out of reach of anyone inside the cave. ‘I’ve rerouted the flow from the bunker.’
    The Doctor gave his friend a grateful smile as the gate swung back. Amyancl and Sorasta went immediately to the prone shape on the edge of the stone rostrum.
    ‘Where’s Malkon?’ said Turlough to the Doctor. His friend looked anxiously over to the kneeling Unbelievers.
    ‘Oh, no!’ cried Turlough, as he recognised the child whose head was propped up on a bundle of clothing. He rushed to the injured boy and knelt beside him. ‘Who did this?’ he asked bitterly.
    ‘One of the Elders.’
    ‘I shall kill him!’ said the boy in a cold, matter of fact voice.
    ‘What good would that do?’ The Doctor put his hand on Turlough’s shoulder, surprised to see his companion so upset. ‘We’ve got to get after Peri.’
    ‘You don’t realise!’ said Turlough, gazing down at the unconscious child. ‘Malkon is my brother.’

    In the Heart of the Volcano
    As they carried Malkon along the abandoned streets towards the safety of the bunker, Turlough told the Doctor of how the child had guided him to the wreck of the ship in the forbidden lands. The Doctor listened in silence as his companion described how he had seen the graves of the passengers and crew. The boy was still very upset, otherwise the Doctor would have pressed him with many more questions about his family’s fatal journey to the hostile planet. ‘Who could have buried the victims of the crash?’ he asked tactfully.
    ‘The Unbelievers?’
    The Doctor nodded. He could

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