Distortion Control (A Makayla Rose Mystery Book 3)

Distortion Control (A Makayla Rose Mystery Book 3) by Audrey Claire Page B

Book: Distortion Control (A Makayla Rose Mystery Book 3) by Audrey Claire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Audrey Claire
done a search of the internet and made a couple calls of my own, I phoned David. He answered cheerily on the third ring. “Makayla, what are you doing? Charming the detective?”
    “Very funny, David. No, I need you.”
    “Honey, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, but unless you need me to mix you a drink or make you laugh, I doubt I can meet any needs.”
    I chuckled and shook my head. “Men! Listen, I want you to go with me to an appointment I just made. Please, tell me you can get away from the shop about four?”
    “For you, of course. What are we doing? Shopping? I know a great place—”
    “David, focus.”
    “Yes, okay. You tell me.”
    I bit my lip. “I want to go to a hypnotist.”
    David, my very dramatic friend, let out a squeal of alarm. “Isn’t that some type of hoodoo? Won’t he make you cluck like a chicken or bark when you hear a bell?”
    “It’s a very reputable process,” I assured him, quoting the website I had read from. I knew no more than he did, but on the off chance it worked for me, I wanted to try. “You’re going with me to make sure the commands aren’t crazy if I fall into a deep trance.”
    “I have to go in there?” His voice rose and cracked. I began to wonder if inviting him was the best idea.
    “I don’t have anyone else to look out for me.” I had considered phoning Edna, but she was in the middle of a baking spree to see what worked best for Peony’s store. I knew she was having the time of her life, and I didn’t want to interrupt her. I had other friends in Briney Creek, but no one as close as Edna and David. I was too embarrassed to ask Ash to be there. Besides, I didn’t fully trust him. Spencer would have frowned on it, I was sure, and try to keep me from going.
    “Oh, honey.” David made a sound of sympathy. “Well, I’m on it! You can count on me, and if that voodoo doctor tries anything, I’ll crack him over the head.”
    “You’re not helping my nerves one bit, David.”
    “Sorry,” he sing-songed, sounding quite happy with himself for acting as my protector. “Four o’clock. I’ll close the shop. Traffic has slowed down now that it’s so darn chilly. It’ll pick up again in a couple weeks with the Christmas season. Then I’ll be a busy bee again. You caught me at the right time.”
    “Great. Well, I’ll pick you up. See you then. Thanks, David.”
    “Any time. I’ll be waiting.”
    * * * *
    Ugo Vessey’s office was located not in Briney Creek but in the next town, about fifteen miles away. I was glad because it meant no one in my town was likely to see me enter the hypnotist’s domain. That would be all I needed, one more nugget for the gossipmongers.
    So far, I had kept my head down after the incident at the motel. However, I had received two calls from local numbers shortly following—one from Zekey’s of all places and the other from the bold Ms. Talia herself. I hadn’t yet checked the voicemail she left me.
    David clung to my arm as we entered the reception area of Mr. Vessey’s. Was he a mister, or did I call him doctor? Certainly his office appeared no different than the average therapist’s, which I had visited on a few occasions in the past. That was before I had decided what was broken in me was bound to remain so, and I didn’t want to continue the one hundred twenty dollar per fifty-minute sessions.
    “Ms. Rose?” the assistant asked as we entered.
    My stomach lurched. “Um, yes.” I was tempted to deny myself and turn and run out the door. David’s hold on my arm tightened, as if he sensed my intent. I resigned myself to staying, but wished I had thought through this boneheaded idea more. “You can call me Makayla.”
    “Great. I’m Belinda. Come right this way. Dr. Vessey is waiting for you.”
    I gulped and stumbled. “So I call him doctor?”
    Belinda smiled. “Yes, he has a doctorate, if it makes you feel more comfortable.”
    “I’m going to be honest with you, Belinda. I’m far

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