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Authors: Ronie Kendig
Tags: Romance
tirade. “Son, quit stewing over what you can’t change.”
    The comment knocked him silent. Mad, but silent.
    Finally, he said, “Let’s just … get this done.” Using Firefox’s lead, Colton held Hershey in a firm hug hold and led him to the open paddock. His father led Foxy a few paces ahead as incentive to get Hershey to follow. Some people didn’t start them this young, but Colton felt it was wise to get him used to being handled by humans. At the paddock, his dad released Foxy, who trotted around. Colton eased the foal free and closed the gate.
    Together, he watched with his father as the foal and dam reconnected, then trotted around.
    “Looks to be a strong one,” he said, hoping his dad would abandon the heart-to-heart.
    “Firefox is good stock.” His father hooked his arms over the wood fence. “Colton, I want you to stop dragging your sister’s memory into your depression. She did what she wanted to do. Let Emelie go in peace.”
    Colton closed his eyes.
I can’t …
    “And if I know you—and I do—you’re taking two and two and getting five.”
    “Always was bad at math,” Colton mumbled.
    “Lumping Piper in with what happened to Emelie, and what Meredith did to you, well, it’s just going to leave you crazy. ‘Sides, you’re not giving Piper a fair shot.”
    Guilty as charged. “In case you haven’t noticed, Pop, I don’t do real good with women. Only God knows why He gave me a daughter.” He shook his head again as he opened the iron gate to the outer pen and allowed Hershey to dart into the open.
    “If you’d just show a girl the same care you give that there foal, I think you’d be off to a good start.”
    “Somehow, I doubt Piper would take kindly to being harnessed.”

    “What do you mean you can’t give me money?”
    “I’m sorry, ma’am, but your name is on the list.”
    “What list?”
    The teller darted a nervous glance around the small bank. “The one from OFAC.” He shifted behind the counter.
    “Look, I don’t care what list you put my account on, I want my money,
—right?” She gulped hard at nearly using the foreign phrase. Tried to keep her voice steady. This couldn’t happen. She needed that money. “I’m talking about my money I placed in this bank—”
    “I’m sorry.” He straightened in his chair and took on the appearance of a brick wall. “Your account has been flagged by OFAC.”
    Her pulse picked up speed. “What … what is that?”
    “The Office of Foreign Assets and Control.” Fingers threaded he looked straight at her. “It’s a government branch that flags accounts with suspicious activity related to terrorism—”
    “I’m not a terrorist!” She heard the shriek in her own voice and tried to catch her breath. Foreign Assets? How … how could they know?
    “I’m sorry.” Face as stone, he remained unfazed as he handed her a piece of paper. “You can contact this number to rectify the situation.”
    Piper tried to swallow against the adrenaline pouring through her veins as she pushed to her feet. That ten thousand dollars was her lifeline, her only means of survival now that she’d turned in her resignation at Hastings. She ran a hand through her hair, panicked. Flashed him a conciliatory smile. “Thank you. I’ll call them.”
    Only, she wouldn’t—couldn’t. This was her last stop before she headed out of town. She’d spent the day closing accounts, paying debts, and turning off her cell phone. Now she had no money.
    Piper stepped out into the early evening with a heavy heart but alert to her surroundings. Her gaze rose to the dull gray sky … so much like her life. What would she do?
    Once she swept the parking lot and convinced herself the white minivan wasn’t filled with Palestinian terrorists, she climbed into her car and locked the doors. The twenty dollars in her purse wouldn’t fund another night at the hotel. She’d stayed at the Grand Inn last night, too afraid to return to her apartment and find

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