Diary of the White Witch: A Witches of East End Prequel

Diary of the White Witch: A Witches of East End Prequel by Melissa de la Cruz

Book: Diary of the White Witch: A Witches of East End Prequel by Melissa de la Cruz Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa de la Cruz
Praise for the Witches of East End Series
    “What could be more fun than a summer on Long Island? A summer on Long Island with witches, of course. Smart, stylish, and just a bit wicked, the witches in Melissa de la Cruz’s Witches of East End series manage to be both thoroughly modern and delightfully mythic.”
    —Deborah Harkness, New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night
    “Move over, zombies, vampires, and werewolves, and make way for witches. Melissa de la Cruz, author of the bestselling Blue Bloods series, ably sets the stage for a juicy new franchise with Witches of East End …De la Cruz balances the supernatural high-jinksery with unpredictable twists and a conclusion that nicely sets up book 2. B+”
    — Entertainment Weekly
    “Centuries after the practice of magic was forbidden, Freya, Ingrid and their mom struggle to restrain their witchy ways as chaos builds in their Long Island town. A bubbling cauldron of mystery and romance, the novel shares the fanciful plotting of Blue Bloods , the author’s teen vampire series…breezy fun.”
    — People
    “A magical and romantic page-turner…. Witches of East End is certain to attract new adult readers…The pacing is masterful, and while the witchcraft is entertaining, it’s ultimately a love triangle that makes the story compelling. De la Cruz has created a family of empathetic womenwho are both magically gifted and humanly flawed.”
    — Washington Post
    “For anyone who was frustrated watching Samantha suppress her magic on ‘Bewitched,’ Ms. de la Cruz brings some satisfaction. In her first novel for adults, the author…lets her repressed sorceresses rip.”
    — New York Times
    “What happens when a family of Long Island witches is forbidden to practice magic? This tale of powerful women, from the author of the addictive Blue Bloods series, mixes mystery, a battle of good versus evil and a dash of Norse mythology into a page-turning parable of inner strength.”
    — Self
    “ Witches of East End has all the ingredients you’d expect from one of Melissa’s bestselling YA novels—intrigue, mystery and plenty of romance. But with the novel falling under the ‘adult’ categorization, Melissa’s able to make her love scenes even more…magical.”
    “De la Cruz has, with Witches , once again managed to enliven and embellish upon history and mythology with a clever interweaving of past and present, both real and imagined…[it] casts a spell.”
    — Los Angeles Times
    “De la Cruz is a formidable storyteller with a narrative voice strong enough to handle the fruits of her imagination. Even readers who generally avoid witches and whatnot stand to be won over by the time the cliffhanger-with-a-twist-ending hits.”
    — Publishers Weekly
    “Fantasy for well-read adults.”
    — Kirkus
    “A sexy, magical romp, sure to bring de la Cruz a legion of new fans.”
    —Kelley Armstong, New York Times bestselling author of The Otherworld series

Diary of the White Witch
    Wednesday, April 20
Dryden Road, Ithaca, New York
    I can’t help but think of Dad, the indomitable seafarer, as I write my first entry in this journal, a parting gift from my coworkers at Cornell. Of course, it’s no ordinary journal. One would expect no less from a team of top-rate paper conservators and archivists. It’s an ancient, unused leather-bound captain’s logbook; the left-hand pages display an ever-so-faint ghost of a grid for the captain of the ship to log the day of the week, speed, wind, and compass directions, while the right-hand pages are left blank for sundry thoughts and observations. There is a gold-leaf compass on the worn leather cover, and each of the hand-cut pages have received some form of treatment in the lab from my fellow staff members, so that I, Ingrid Beauchamp, may write here without worry that this centuries-old coarse-grained paper might crumble beneath my pen. It has been ages since I have kept a

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