Despairing Tides (Fate's Intent Book 12)

Despairing Tides (Fate's Intent Book 12) by April Bowles

Book: Despairing Tides (Fate's Intent Book 12) by April Bowles Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Bowles
    Naomi closed her fan and turned to us. “Well, I think we’re done here.”
    “Good work.” Cadence smiled. “But how are you going to get out of there?”
    “Same way I got in, of course.”
    She turned herself invisible and walked through the energy shield. “See.” She reappeared. “Simple.”
    “Okay, but it’s still there.” Lana said as she pointed at it.
    “That’s strange.” Ruby said. “How do you get rid of it?”
    “Maybe it has to be done from the inside.” Adele thought.
    Everyone turned to Naomi. “What?”
    “Try it.” Troy suggested.
    “All right.” She turned herself invisible again and walked back through the energy shield then reappeared. “Now what?”
    “Find a way to bring it down.” Seth said.
    “Oh yeah, like how?”
    “I don’t know. You figure it out.”
    Naomi sighed. “All right. Then let me think but I won’t object to help!” Naomi paced as she took one of her fans and started fanning herself. “I don’t know!” She threw her hand up at the same time and her fan came out of it. She noticed when it didn’t come back down and looked up above her. It was sticking out of the top of the energy shield like it was just stuck there. “Huh. That’s interesting. Maybe if I—”
    “Don’t touch it!” Adele shouted but not soon enough.
    Naomi leaped into the air and grabbed her fan. At that moment, she pulled it out and part of the energy shield came down with it like a sticky substance.
    Adele sighed.  “I told you not to touch it.”
    “Sorry.” Naomi said, holding completely still.
    Sparks began to circle at the top above her and she slowly looked up.
    “That can’t be good.” Lana muttered.
    “Naomi!” Bryce shouted, taking an urgent step forward.
    “No.” Dirk said, stopping him.
    “Naomi, get out of there.” Cadence said calmly.
    Naomi took a deep breath in and let it back out. “This is probably going to hurt. If I die in here, I blame all of you.”
    “Naomi! Get out of there!” Cadence shouted.
    “I’m sorry.” Naomi said quietly. She closed her eyes and turned her head away from us.
    We didn’t know what was going to happen but something was.
    “No!” Bryce shouted as Dirk continued to hold him back.
    The spiraling motion of the sparks intensified as the energy shield was being sucked up into the vortex and completely disappeared in one last burst of lightening, taking Naomi along with it.
    I had to turn my head away from the brightness but when I turned back Naomi was gone.
    “Naomi?” Jaylyn called.
    Bryce stepped up to where she was standing and turned back, holding out his arms. “She’s gone.”
    A portal opened above him and Naomi fell down, landing in his open arms. He was almost knocked back by the surprise but managed to keep his feet.
    “Naomi!” Cadence said as she went to Bryce.
    Naomi was unconscious in Bryce’s arms and he gently set her on the floor. The rest of us went over and stood over her.
    “Is she okay?” Seth asked.
    “Yeah. She’s just unconscious.”
    Bryce put his hand on her chest and his eyes only had to glow for a moment before Naomi woke up and quickly got to her feet. “Did you see that?! That was incredible!”
    “I’m glad you think so.” Bryce muttered. “What happened?”
    “I’m not entirely sure.”
    “Are you okay though?” I asked. “No physical damage?”
    “No, I’m fine but it was weird.”
    “As long as you’re okay.” We stood through the silence and glanced around. “Well, welcome home everyone.”
    “It’s good to be back.” Darius replied.
    “Less the unplanned hostile takeover.” Troy added. “It is good to be back.”
    Everyone laughed and the General entered the palace. “Your majesty. The rebel force has been destroyed and the city is secure.”
    “Very good. Arrange for the repairs and get the mess cleaned up.”
    “Yes, sir.” The General nodded and turned away.
    “So, what about the mess in here?” Ruby asked, looking at Lamar still in

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