Desires of a Full Moon

Desires of a Full Moon by Jodi Vaughn

Book: Desires of a Full Moon by Jodi Vaughn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodi Vaughn
he gave him a shoulder hug.
    “Kate has her annual bed and breakfast meetings with the other Arkansas owners. We’ve been here all week.” Braxton’s gaze slid over to Haley and his brows shot up in surprise.
    “Oh, sorry; this is Haley Guthrie. Haley, these are some friends of mine, Braxton Devereaux and Kate Wolph”
    “Nice to meet you, Haley.” Kate skirted the café table and gave her a friendly hug. Jayden saw the surprise flicker in Haley’s eyes at Kate’s warm reception. At that moment his respect for Kate grew immensely.
    “Hi, Haley.” Braxton shook her hand gently.
    “Nice to meet you both.” Haley smiled at Kate. “Wow, you own a bed and breakfast. Where is it located?”
    “Eureka Springs. It’s called the Bella Luna.” Kate beamed.
    From the look of excitement on Kate’s face, business seemed to be going well for the owner.
    “I’ve never been to Eureka Springs, but I’ve heard it’s lovely,” Haley said.“And very romantic,” Braxton added, giving Jayden a knowing look. “You two should check it out.”
    Jayden glared at his friend before looking at Kate. “Haley’s not from Arkansas so I’m trying to show her around. She transferred here from LSU.”
    “Go Tigers.” Braxton grinned broadly. He received a lot of dirty looks from people sitting around them.
    “Easy, dude.” Jayden laughed. “You better watch what you say around here. The Hogs rule here.”
    “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him.” Kate arched her brow. “I told him he’s in enemy territory. I thought he was going to get us kicked out of the B&B get-together last night. The talk soon turned to football and Braxton, being the diehard LSU fan, practically told everyone that the Hogs didn’t have a chance this year.”
    “This is why we are not invited to dinner with them tonight.” Braxton brightened.
    Haley’s mouth dropped open. “They really didn’t invite you to dinner?”
    “Thanks for the heads up. Guess I’ll keep my favorite team to myself.” Haley reached in her purse and pulled out her key ring with the LSU emblem and dangled it in front of him.
    “Hell, yeah.” Braxton gave her a fist pump before turning his attention back to Jayden.
    “I heard you joined the Guardians,” Braxton asked while the two women chatted between themselves. “You like it?”
    “Yeah.” It surprised him how much he liked his job. “It’s steady work and it pays damn good.” Though he hadn’t really thought much about the pay. He didn’t have any bills since he lived at the Guardian compound. The only major purchase he’d made was the Harley that was required for all the Guardians.
    “You thinking about joining?” Jayden cocked his head and studied the Were. There was a peace about him since the last time he’d seen his friend.
    Braxton had been accused of murder and had been on the run from the Louisiana Assassins whose only job was to seek out and kill him. Braxton had been lucky enough to end up on Kate’s doorstep after he’d been shot with a silver bullet. She had saved his life. It all ended with Braxton being declared innocent of all charges by Barrett and the real murderer arrested.
    Braxton shrugged. “Maybe. I know Barrett is looking for more Guardians in my area. I feel indebted to the guy for saving my ass.”
    “Barrett isn’t the kind of guy who calls in his debts. He would be more concerned that you were committed to staying in that area and being loyal to the pack.”
    Braxton glanced at Kate, a softness floating into his expression. “I’m committed. That I know for sure. I’m not going anywhere.”
    Jayden saw the way Braxton gazed at Kate and his heart ached for something he knew he wasn’t going to have, not now, not ever.
    “So what’s the deal with Haley?” Braxton elbowed him in the side while keeping his voice low. “She’s not your usual type.”
    “And just what is my type?”
    “I don’t know. Loose, fast, those bikini model types that

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