Desired: Loving An Alpha Male

Desired: Loving An Alpha Male by S.K. Lessly

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Authors: S.K. Lessly
neighborhood, and I went from hell to completely hopelessness. The two people I had to call mother and father were horrible to me and the six kids they housed. Mother called me fat and told me I would be nothing but a whore or a fiend just like my mama. Father tried his best to see me naked every chance he got. I wanted to leave, especially when I was attacked, but after that thing with Jay Rock, I couldn’t do it. I stayed there until I was seventeen. The day I turned seventeen, I left for college and never looked back.
    I don’t tell anyone my story because I don’t need sympathy from people. I never let my past hold me back, but it became the reason for my future. What always seems to happen though is I surround myself with people that truly care nothing about me.  I mean look at Gavin.  I loved him and thought he felt the same way.  But when I think about it, the constant “Georgia, do this” or “Georgia, don’t do that” or, which, by the way, is my favorite, “Georgia, why can’t you be more like Maya,” it was obvious that he didn’t love me for who I was.  I don’t know what he thought I could be, but clearly I wasn’t the woman for him.  If I were, he wouldn’t have banged my best friend.
    Couldn’t he have had sex with another woman? On our wedding night with the maid of honor is so freaking cliché. And Maya, I thought she was family.  That’s what she would always say to me, that I was the sister she never had.  But at the end of the day, as with most people in my life, she stabbed me in the back. 
    I think I need to re-evaluate my lifestyle and the people I keep close to me.  My problem is I open myself up too soon to people that haven’t even proven themselves worthy of my love, worthy of my heart. That needs to change.  And maybe it should start now.
    I moved into the bathroom and took a long shower, trying to figure out a way I could tell Drake that I didn’t want to hang out with him anymore. However, whatever plan I tried to think of, I just didn’t like the outcome.  I didn’t want to admit it out loud, but I loved being with this man.  I loved the way he looked at me, how he touched me.  He was possessive at times, but there were those times where he just let me be myself.  
    But I had to keep this in perspective.  This was just an arrangement that wasn’t going to last. When we go our separate ways, I will never see him again.
    I closed my eyes and let the hot water fall over my face to hide the tears that were starting to fall. I didn’t want this to end.  I wanted forever with this man, but I knew for a fact he was probably not good for me.  He’d said it multiple times, and from the first night I met him, I knew he was bad for me.
    I should be thankful that this would end soon. But part of me, the wanna-be rebel side of me, wanted him desperately. He was like that decadent chocolate cake that you know you shouldn’t eat, but it keeps calling for you, baiting you, and you can’t resist just a bite, and as always, one bite is all it takes, and you’re hooked.
    I got out of the shower and wrapped myself tight in my towel. When I exited the bathroom, Drake was asleep.  I stood there and studied him.  He seemed so peaceful in his sleep, so less threatening. Watching people move out of his way when we were walking through town was always comical to me.  It was obvious that he was used to it though, so I could only imagine how he was in the states.
    But to me, right now at this very moment, he seemed harmless.
    “Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?”
    I jumped slightly and smiled.  He opened his eyes and looked over at me.
    I don’t know how he does it but all he has to do is look at me, and I swear I melt. 
    I cleared my throat and moved to the chair furthest away from him. “Are you going to sleep the day away?”
    Drake watched me closely until I sat down and crossed my legs.  He smirked and said, “Really? You’re going to sit all the

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