demon slayer 05.5 - the tenth dark lord a leaping

demon slayer 05.5 - the tenth dark lord a leaping by angie fox

Book: demon slayer 05.5 - the tenth dark lord a leaping by angie fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: angie fox
    I poured half a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon into a bowl with cream cheese, then sprinkled a packet of ranch salad dressing mix on top. I set it aside until I could grab my mixer.
    “You mind wrapping a few more ham and pickle pinwheels?” I asked my hunk of a shape-shifting griffin, who was busy pilfering a taste of the red and green Jell-O salad.
    The man was six feet of raw Mediterranean heat and power, and yet he seemed confounded by the smidge of a treat left on his finger. He shook his head. “Cool Whip and Jell-O,” he said with a crisp Greek accent. “Who knew?”
    I smiled up at him. “You have a lot to learn about Southern comfort food.”
    He grinned back, his angled features softening. “I’m not against getting creative with Cool Whip.”
    “I’ll hold you to that.” Perhaps when we didn’t have company coming.
    I started up the mixer and went to town. I may have grown up in Atlanta society, but I could whip up a mean cheesy beer dip. It was my grandmother’s favorite, made better by a dash of artisan, aged, raw-milk cheddar. My little secret.
    Dimitri and I were hosting our first ever holiday party, with the Red Skulls, my grandmother’s gang of Harley-riding witches, as our guests. We hadn’t had the chance to meet anyone else in California. After our wedding we’d taken a long, long honeymoon. Then we’d spent the fall in Greece, visiting with Dimitri’s sisters.
    Even though I was one of the last demon slayers left on Earth, I hadn’t so much as seen a single devil’s spawn in months. It was the first break I’d had really. Too bad it couldn’t last.
    I scooped the cheesy beer dip into a cute serving bowl and went to ice the cupcakes.
    “Try this,” I said, offering Dimitri a lick of chocolate peanut butter frosting.
    He stole it off my finger and used it to paint my lips. “Whoops,” he said, leaning in for a taste.
    His lips moved over mine, sweet and seductive. I felt it all the way down to my belly. Damn, the man could kiss. The oven dinged. The pigs in a blanket were ready. I ignored them. The witches liked them a little crispy anyway.
    Dimitri pressed up against me, all hard planes and delicious muscle. I ran my hands down his sides and felt him shiver. Good. A girl doesn’t want to be the only one knee-deep in lust. His control slipped, the kiss grew more intense, and I was officially lost. There was no reason we couldn’t have a good time of our own before the official fun started. I mean, it would be a shame to let a perfectly ready and willing man go to waste. Besides, we still needed to break in the kitchen table.
    His hips rocked on their own accord. Impatient man. I kept one hand going, down over his belt, skirting the promised land. Oh yes, I was wicked as I caressed his leg before slowly, so slowly drawing my nails up his inner thigh.
    He broke away with a huff, bending his head, his nose coming to rest against the curve of my neck. “What are you doing?” he asked against my skin, his voice playful, his body tight.
    “Oh, is this confusing you?” I asked, my other hand caressing his jet-black hair where it curled at the nape of his neck. “Hmm. Maybe I need to be more direct.” I cupped the hard bulge in his jeans.
    He groaned and rocked into my touch. “Do we have time?”
    “Five minutes.”
    “I’ll have you begging in two.”
    It wouldn’t be the first time. He slid my chopping board into the sink and hitched me up onto the counter. He grinned, before kissing me hard. I savored the rasp of his breath. The clean scent of him mingled with the heady aromas in our little yellow kitchen. He eased my strapless red dress down, kissing my breasts. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my knee-high black boots slick against his jeans as I pressed into him, rocking against him. Mine, mine, mine.
    The oven timer dinged again.
    “Wait.” I slid off the counter and attacked his belt buckle. In less than ten seconds this man would know for damned sure why

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