Deeper Than Need
didn’t speak.
    I need you to touch me.
    His hands closed around her waist, and the simple, pure bliss of his hand cupping her breast left her reeling. His thumb and forefinger worried her nipple while his eyes bored into hers. It’s not enough.
    No. She bit her lip and then bared her soul. I don’t know what will be enough. I need you inside me. Make love to me.
    The dream shifted and re-formed. His hands caught hers and his hips settled in the cradle of hers.
    He was inside her, rocking deep, deep, deep—
    The climax exploded through her, shattered her, twisted her inside out—
    She came awake on a moan as the climax continued to ripple through her. Shuddering on the bed, she curled one hand into a fist, gripping the sheet tightly as she clenched her thighs together.
    This is insane.
    She could feel the erratic rhythm of her heart and she felt like she’d been running a race, instead of sleeping.
    And she’d just climaxed. In her sleep. Because of a dream.
    She’d had some seriously hot dreams before, but nothing like this. Hell, in all the years she’d been with her ex he hadn’t ever set her body to burning like this. This went so deep. It was deeper than need, deeper than desire, deeper than anything she’d ever felt.
    Crazy, all of it. Noah had never so much as kissed her.
    She swallowed, thinking about what might happen if he ever did.
    She just might explode.
    “Mama! Mama!”
    Or maybe not … Trinity opened her eyes and braced herself just in time. A second later, Micah landed on the bed, bouncing and wiggling around. The boy was like the Energizer Bunny on speed, only so much more endearing, as he bent down and put his face on a level with hers.
    “Morning, baby.”
    He grinned at her. “Do we get to go home yet?”
    “Home,” she murmured, reaching up to touch his face. He didn’t even understand just what had happened yesterday. Sighing, she traced her finger down his cheek and tapped his nose, keeping the fear she felt hidden behind a mask. She was so tired of wearing a mask all the time.
    But she couldn’t let him see how afraid she was. How frustrated she was. How weary.
    “Well, big guy,” she said, thinking her answer through as she rolled onto her back. “I just don’t know yet. They need to figure out what happened over there.”
    “They found bones. Joey told me.”
    Wonderful. She swallowed and closed her eyes.
    That was so … not accurate. She thought maybe she could have handled seeing bones. That macabre, awful body, though, the greying flesh that barely even looked real. The face, locked in that bizarre death mask. Bits of bone visible.
    No. That was far worse than just bones.
    “They did find something down there,” she finally said, turning her head to look at Micah. She managed, just barely, to keep her frustration with Joey leashed. Joey was Ali’s oldest—nine years old, a little mischievous, but he seemed like a great kid—and he had been running around the neighborhood last night. He’d overheard it from somebody, and he’d said something to Micah. Just kids being kids.
    Trinity had bigger concerns to worry about, she knew. As long as Micah wasn’t freaked out about it, she wasn’t going to be.
    Sitting up, she studied Micah’s face. “Well, Joey is sort of right. There was a body down there. I think whoever the person was, they’d been dead a long, long time.”
    “How did he die?” Micah asked, his voice hushed and soft.
    “Baby, I don’t know.” She passed a hand down his soft hair. It stuck up in odd spikes all over the place and it wouldn’t lay down until they made it lay down with lots of water and coaxing. Pulling him into her lap, she rested her chin on his crown and breathed in the soft, warm scent of him. He smelled like little boy—sweaty little boy who’d already been running around and playing hard. “We may never know the answer to that.”
    “Why not? They find that stuff out on TV. I sawed it on a show at Mrs. Magruder’s

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