Dangerously Red (A Dark and Dirty Tale)
Chapter One
    Arcana Wolf Pack
    Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
    I’m going to die.
    A few minutes ago, I thought my body was going to shut down from orgasm overload. Can you imagine how my obituary would read? Twenty-five-year old woman dies from getting her brains fucked out by two of the hottest guys this side of the Rockies.
    Yeah, that sounds downright blissful.
    But that was before Lukas, the Alpha of the Arcana Wolf Pack, burst into his office and caught me having sex with Reaper, his cousin.
    As Lukas and Reaper shift into two of the gnarliest werewolves I’ve ever seen, I clamber around the desk to put space between us.
    I’m not going to croak from orgasm overload—as I’d secretly hoped—after all. I’m going to get caught in the middle of their fight and die by wolf bite, claw, or however two hulk-like werewolves kill when they’re really pissed off. I don’t really know. I’m not a werewolf yet—although I was born to werewolf parents, I have yet to shift. I don’t know if the change is going to be painful or scary, or if I’m going to turn into a raging lunatic.
    That’s why I’m in Castle Arcana in the first place.
    I’m preparing to join their pack so I can have their guidance and protection during this critical time in my life. If my parents were still around, I’d ask them what to expect, but they’re not, and their deaths are a touchy subject.
    Reaper, the wolf with the inky black fur and burly legs, uses his body to make a barricade between Lukas and me. Lukas’s dark fur is short and spiky, sticking up on the ridge of his back. He’s slender but muscular, and gives off an air of dominance as he lowers his head and glowers through narrowed eyes.
    Pawing at the ground, Reaper growls. The sound reverberates off the walls, issuing a challenge. I don’t need to be a wolf to pick up what he’s putting down.
    If Lukas doesn’t back off, Reaper is going to tear through him.
    I squelch a whimper by covering my mouth with my hand. I’m completely torn and don’t want either of them to get hurt. Reaper is passionate and mysterious and tugs on my heartstrings, but Lukas picked me out from a lineup of other pre-shifters to have his way with before January’s Wolf Moon Ceremony. Before I bond for life with another werewolf. As Alpha, he’s earned that right.
    Technically, I’m his until I declare a mate.
    Although I knew that Reaper and I were forbidden to touch, I was too weak to fight the chemistry sparking between us.
    This is my fault.
    Widening his stance, Lukas lets out a thunderous snarl before lunging forward and striking first. His thick paw slices right across Reaper’s furry cheek. The force of the blow jerks Reaper’s face toward me. I gasp at the sight—claw marks mar his skin, blood drips into his mouth, and fury darkens his onyx eyes.
    “Stop,” I force out, though I only manage a hoarse whisper. “Don’t do this.”
    As if he didn’t hear my plea, Reaper’s lips pull back to reveal his glistening fangs, and he slowly returns his gaze to Lukas. Low vibrations fill the room and seep up from the hardwood floor until the walls seem to throb from the strength of the sound.
    It’s coming from Reaper.
    Adrenaline screams through my veins. This is really happening. Two wolves—the Omega’s only grandsons—are fighting over me. And I’m going to be caught in the middle. Retreating further, I smash my backside against the windowsill and grip its cold edge tight.
    Reaper springs toward Lukas like a bullet and attacks with both paws on either side of his muzzle. Jumping away from the strike, Lukas knocks into a bookshelf. It wobbles, teeters, and then crashes to the ground beside them, scattering books over the floor.
    Reaper growls into a twisted sort of laugh that rings through the office.
    Charging forward with lightning speed, Lukas leaps, snapping at Reaper’s side. I gasp, covering my ears as the sound of teeth tearing flesh splinters through the room. Reaper

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