Dangerous Race

Dangerous Race by Dee J. Adams

Book: Dangerous Race by Dee J. Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee J. Adams
    Surveying the suite, Matthew didn’t seem to notice her. He scanned the muted khaki colored walls of the living area and the kitchenette with sink, refrigerator and small table to his left. “Wow, nice room,” he said, taking a few steps forward. “I wish the hotel had screwed up my reservations.” He hit her again with his killer smile.
    Chelsea’s stomach tied in knots. She didn’t want to blow this. “Would you like something to eat or drink?”
    Matthew shrugged, glancing to the open double doors of the bedroom as he came toward her. “To be honest, not really.” He stopped in front of her and ran his fingers down her arms.
    She trembled under his coat, his touch bringing her body to life in a way she’d never imagined.
    “Are you still cold?” he asked.
    She shook her head and batted the first lob. “I wasn’t cold before.”
    Understanding registered on his face. Matthew eased his blazer off her shoulders where it landed in a pile at her feet. His fingers lingered at her collarbone and sent a wave of goose bumps across her skin.
    “That is so sexy,” he whispered. His words gave her another round of goose bumps and he grinned. “You’re sensitive.”
    She was. Very sensitive. Especially when it came to sex. Running her business nonstop for the past four years had left little room for fooling around. No matter how much she wanted him, she wasn’t sure she could do this. Unlike Kim, one-night stands were not her scene. She backed up a step, her physical needs protesting the move.
    Matthew tipped his head to the side, clearly very conscious of her body language. “Maybe I should go, Chelsea.” He retrieved his blazer from the floor. “I don’t want to do anything we’re not ready for.”
    The man seemed tuned in to her every thought. She had tall, dark and handsome in front of her and she was about to blow it. On top of that, he was a genuinely nice guy. And he was her connection to Tracey Bradshaw.
    “Thanks for inviting me in and thanks for tonight. I had fun.” Matthew smiled, a wistful, it-could-have-been-nice smile, and headed for the door.
    Chelsea followed him, a sense of urgency rising fast. Time to take control. Enough cat and mouse. With one quick hand, she pushed the door closed from behind him. His shoulders stiffened.
    “Is this what you want, Chelsea?” He turned and heat blazed in his eyes. Desire flared in those brown depths and nearly took her breath away. One strong hand floated over her shoulder and the goose bumps returned. Her breathing faltered. All from one simple touch.
    “God,” he mumbled. He dropped his blazer and pulled her in. His lips covered hers in a mind-blowing kiss.
    This time she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. She opened for him and their tongues met. He tasted minty too.
    They stood at the door, kissing and touching. Chelsea had never been so totally consumed by a man. Not that she had a lot to compare.
    He pulled away and Chelsea felt a huge loss and instant chill when his heat disappeared. He ran a hand through his short dark hair, taking a deep breath. “I can’t do this anymore without…” He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. “I’m either staying right now or leaving right now. Which is it, Chels?”

Chapter Seven
    Matthew held his breath as Chelsea hung the do-not-disturb sign. She closed the door, shoved the maid’s lock into place and faced him.
    Looked like he was staying. There was a God.
    The intensity in Chelsea’s brilliant blue eyes seemed tempered with shyness. The contrast turned him on. He took both of her hands in his and walked backward toward the bedroom, slowly pulling her with him. A vein in her neck pulsed in a steady rhythm.
    He stopped, had to kiss her again, and his lips crashed down on hers. He tasted the mints from the bar and smelled her honeysuckle perfume. Honeysuckle had never turned him on before. It sure as hell did now.
    A voice in his head told him to tread carefully. One false

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