Cuffed: A Novella

Cuffed: A Novella by Liza Kline

Book: Cuffed: A Novella by Liza Kline Read Free Book Online
Authors: Liza Kline
Chapter 1

    I put my car in park and let my head fall
back against the headrest, exhaustion taking over as I finally gave my body a
moment to rest. Working a double at the hospital, on three hours of sleep, the
day of one of my best friend’s parties was not my brightest idea. A look in the
rearview mirror revealed the back seat of my car was filled with two boxes
containing assorted bottles of wine and a bag of cocktail napkins.

    Opening my eyes, I stared at the white clapboard home my
best friend Steph Williams and her brother Shane had inherited when their
grandmother had passed away two years earlier. Steph had taken over the top
floor while Shane had converted the basement into a space of his own. The two
shared the living areas on the ground floor amicably.

    There was no sign of activity coming from the house, and a
quick glance at the driveway showed neither of their vehicles. Great, looked
like I was lugging the party supplies in on my own. Three trips later I slumped
against the kitchen door ready to curl up and nap right there on the floor.
There was no way I was going to make it until 7pm when the party started, let
alone 3am when Steph’s parties normally ended. It was five now, if I made it up
the backstairs before Steph got home I could get in an hour nap before I had to
be back down to help her with the final party preparations.

    Sighing to myself I pushed off the door and made it two
steps before I walked into something solid. Hands grabbed my arms to prevent me
from falling on my butt. Blinking sleepily I looked up, right into the piercing
gaze of Shane. Oh my god! I’d just walked into Shane. Don’t stare, whatever
you do don’t stare into his eyes. I was losing the battle as I continued to
look up at him.

    Shane had been my crush all through junior high and high
school. It was only when I had gone to college that I had come to the
realization that my dark hair and curvy build couldn’t compete with the svelte
blondes Shane preferred. I had come back the summer after freshmen year with a
fewer stars in my eyes where he was concerned and had come to accept the
friendship that had developed between us. Although, in moments like this it was
hard to ignore the fact that I was still attracted to him.

    “Where are you hurrying off to?” He asked with a smirk, the
dimple in his cheek making a brief appearance. God how I loved that dimple.

    “Grabbing a nap before Steph’s party starts,” I said finally
pulling my eyes from his and taking a step back, forcing Shane to release his
grip on my arms. I rubbed my arms unconsciously where his hands had been.

    “You know after you don’t answer her call, the first place
my sister will look for you is the spare bedroom.” Damn, he was right and I
couldn’t turn my phone off or my alarm wouldn’t go off. What the hell was I
going to do?

    I stood there for a moment stumped.

    “You can nap in my bed if you want. It’s the last place
she’ll look.” Shane said leaning nonchalantly against the counter as if he
hadn’t just said something outrageous, looking better than any man had the
right to. His white v-neck tee looked painted on and his jeans clung to well
muscled thighs.

    Nap in Shane’s bed, would I even get any sleep? Did it
matter? I would be in his room, surrounded by his things. In his bed. Earth
to Alexis. You’ll be alone in his bed , I chastised myself. It’s not like
he’s inviting you to go to bed with him. Now that would be something to get
excited about. Stop it! You left high school and this ridiculous crush eight
years ago.

    I glanced over at Shane and saw him staring at me
expectantly. Crap, he was waiting for an answer.

    “Sure, that would be great,” I said trying to control my

    He gestured for me to follow him with another sexy smirk,
and I couldn’t help but appreciate the way his ass looked in those faded jeans.
I was so lost in the thought of

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