Cry Little Sister

Cry Little Sister by Parker Ford

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Authors: Parker Ford
    She had somehow missed the sounds of him moving down the hall despite her red alert. Jordan let out a little startled cry and jumped. “Damn it.”
    “I thought you heard me come in–you were calling me.”
    “And you weren’t answering me,” she hissed.
    “So did you think someone broke in to stock the kitchen?”
    She swallowed hard and struggled just a bit when he unbuttoned his fly. He moved slow, with malicious intent and hunger in his eyes.
    “N-no,” she whispered.
    “I didn’t want to answer you. Because I wanted you to wait. And sweat. And worry.”
    “The blinds are open,” she blurted.
    “I know. You’re face isn’t visible.”
    “I like part of my girls visible. And you are the girl now. I like you visible. A little…”
    “Have you behaved?”
    “Yes.” An incredible stab of lust assaulted her and her voice cracked.
    “What did you do when I was gone?”
    “About what?”
    “You,” she whispered. Not a lie, but she wouldn’t be admitting her plot over Bonnie Donaldson.
    “I thought about you too,” he said, pushing his jeans down and kicking them away. His fingers worked the buttons one at a time but his gaze stayed pinned on her. “It made my cock hard.”
    She shifted on the bed, rustling the sheets with her body as she tried mightily to release some of the need she felt.
    “Are you still wet for me?”
    Gareth spoke so low that she had to struggle to hear him. Jordan had to focus every bit of energy on hearing his words over the drumbeat of her blood in her ears.
    “Yes,” she breathed.
    He leaned over her, predatory and beautiful, and slid two fingers deep inside of her. It brought her down to a hum, that touch. All the air escaped her and the hyper-awareness she felt as his touch invaded her body was audible in the noise that flew past her lips.
    “Good. Now listen up. Do not come. Not until I tell you to.” His green eyes bored into her and she flushed hotly before suddenly growing cold.
    Jordan chewed her lip and watched him move to straddle her. He had a sleek and sinewy animal grace that mesmerized her.
    “Did you hear me?”
    She nodded.
    “Do you understand?”
    She nodded again, on the verge of tears.
    “Then what’s wrong?” He smiled, looking patient and beautiful…and in control. His fingers stroked her cheek. “Tell me, Jordan. Talk to me.”
    “I don’t know if I can…not come, I mean!”

Chapter Seventeen
    “Why don’t you just try,” he said. But he said it like it would be a bad idea to fail.
    Jordan’s skin rippled with nervousness, her stomach bottomed out. But she forgot it all when Gareth drew the tip of his cock along the outer edges of her nether lips. The pressure was nearly overwhelming and he wasn’t even near her clit.
    “You just do your best,” he said, his voice seductive and rough. “Not to come.”
    He slid the head of his cock along the other side, effectively circling her inner lips and building the pressure that started a heady bang of blood in her clitoris.
    When he nudged in between her folds to press the tip of himself to her swollen clitoris, she clutched at her own bonds.
    She was so wet, so fucking wet she could feel her own moisture on her upper thighs. She spread her legs, wantonly. Wanting him to see how red and flushed and ready she was. How wet and plump her pout was. She arched her hips—terrified she would come but also hoping against hope that she would.
    Gareth drove into her, his big hands on her shoulders, pinning her to the bed. His body slammed her body and she was pushed a few inches up on the mattress. He was so rough—it was so fucking good—she cried out. The ties on her ankles tightened with the impact even as the ones on her wrists loosened a bit.
    Gareth lowered his mouth to her ear and started to talk. That’s when she knew she was in trouble.
    “When I would lie down here at night in my bed, I’d think about you. I’d masturbate to dirty

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