Creations 4: Caging the Beast

Creations 4: Caging the Beast by Marie Harte

Book: Creations 4: Caging the Beast by Marie Harte Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Harte
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fingered his collar with distaste and returned to their conversation. “Creations kill. We’re destructive freaks, mostly. Yeah, I need to fight, and I need to fuck. So what?” Tarn sensed Zachem’s need to protect what he considered a weakness. He answered carefully. “When we leave this planet, and we will, you’re staying with me until I can figure how to help you.” Make you fall in love with me.
    Zachem stiffened. “I don’t need another Handler. I want my freedom off this fucking rock.” His red gaze was piercing as he stared down at Tarn.

    Looking up at anyone was a novelty, and Tarn respected Zachem’s power. Awed at his mate’s strong shei , Tarn had never known anyone with Zachem’s intensity. Stars, his own brethren would give anything for a male like this. A true warrior with the skills of a destroyer. Even his sexual submission made him more desirable, a considerable asset in an Ebrellion mate.
    “Let’s make a deal.” Tarn would do whatever it took to keep Zachem. Lie, cheat, steal, anything. He had no problem playing dirty.
    “What kind of a deal?”
    “Once we retrieve that crystal and blast off this planet, we have to head to Mardu to deliver it. But once that’s done, you pledge a full three months of servitude to me, and at the end of that time, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. You’ll have your freedom.”
    “For a price,” Zachem growled. “No way.”
    Tarn scowled. “Then enjoy life in The Pit, Beast.”
    “You wouldn’t leave me here.”
    “Wouldn’t I? I can take off anytime I want to. I’m here for the crystal, and I have the contacts to get me off-world. Can you say the same?”
    “Shit.” Zachem slammed a fist into his hand, though he looked like he’d rather punch Tarn. “I don’t understand. Why do you even want me with you? I told you, I have nothing to do with the crystal.”
    Tarn wasn’t so sure, but he couldn’t care less about Zachem controlling a damned piece of rock. His heart bled for his mate. His almost-mate. “I believe you.”
    “Then you’re saying the sex was that good? You want me as a slave to pleasure you, is that it?”
    “Hell yes, the sex was that good. I’ve never had better.” That seemed to mollify Zachem somewhat, and Tarn made a note. Zachem needed praise.
    His mate countered, “One week of servitude, and I don’t mention your plans to anyone while we’re still here.”
    “You won’t say anything because you want out. How about forty-five days? One standard month of servitude—not slavery—with me. During that time, you’ll follow orders as one of my crew. You’ll be mine. In every way .” Every way but one. Not my true mate until you ask for it. Now how to get you to ask for it?

    Zachem frowned. “So I’m exchanging one prison for another?”
    “If that’s the way you want to view it.”
    “That’s the way it seems to be. You telling me what to do all the time.” He glanced at the bed. “Everywhere.”
    “Zachem, it’s in my nature to dominate, just as it’s in your nature to submit. Forget arguing about this. Like I said, I know your kind. So strong, yet so powerless under the right instruction.” He didn’t react to the telltale arousal patterns in Zachem’s skin, as much as he wanted to grin in triumph. “Your submission will only satisfy me if it’s imbued with trust.
    I’ll be honest with you. I’m a warrior. I like to be in charge, but I’m not into rape. I don’t want an unwilling mate.”
    “Sexual partner,” he hurried to correct. “I know when you’re aroused. Your scent and the patterns of your skin tell me. You liked when I took charge, and I liked doing it. So yes.
    The day-to-day activities, to include sex, will involve your willing submission. Sexually and otherwise. Agreed?”
    Zachem studied him for so long Tarn worried he’d refuse.
    “Agree, what?”
    Zachem scowled. “Agreed…Master.”
    Tarn couldn’t help his automatic arousal, but

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