cosmicshifts by Crymsyn Hart

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Authors: Crymsyn Hart
Tags: Romance
source and a space blanket. Do you need anything else?”
    She quickly ran through the ingredients she had in her bag. “Wire. I think that might be it.”
    A large crash echoed where Phillip moved to. She figured that something had fallen. He reappeared with a spool of copper wire and threw it into her bag. “ You look around and see if there’s anything else you want. I’m going to get more water and some food.”
    Alika nodded and quickly hurried through the store, coming upon a shelf that had several of those dark brown-labeled bars that she had enjoyed before. She scooped what she could into her bag and then added a few more just to be on the safe side. They might not be considered food, but they were heavenly. They would make a great birthday gift for Elarna . She glanced around and saw some garments. Phillip appreciated having her clothed, so she took some of those too.
    Outside she heard shouts arising from the street. Peering out the window, she saw figures approaching with lights bobbing, running toward the store. They must have realized that they had entered it.
    “Phillip, humans are coming. We have to get out of here.”
    “ I know. Follow me.” He tapped her shoulder.
    She had not even realized that he was behind her. Alika moved with him through the store, clutching her full bag. They made it outside in the darkness, and the voices were getting louder. They were inside the building. Phillip pressed her back against the wall. The power emanating from him also enveloped her. One of the humans rushed past them, and he did not see them. Alika held her breath and quieted the beating of her two hearts. The male took a moment and then returned out of breath.
    “I don’t see anyone,” he called to someone inside of the store.
    “They have to be around here somewhere.”
    “ Yo , Donald, you’re not going to believe this! Come in and take a look at the size of these footprints!”
    The man stared straight at them. Alika just knew he would see them, but he did not. Instead, he slipped into the shop and did not come back out. She still held her breath as Phillip took her hand and led her through the darkness back to the mine. They heard footsteps and twigs breaking as they neared the entrance to the mine. Phillip held her against the trees. So far they were hidden, but she was not sure how long that would last.
    “They found us,” she whispered.
    Phillip glanced at her and put a finger to his muzzle. She glanced at the stars and thought she saw something moving, floating above the foliage. Footsteps ricocheted through the night, but did not draw closer. Who or what was it? Phillip gestured that it was time to move, so she did. They made it to the entrance of the mines when a large light appeared out of nowhere from the sky and shone down on them. Both of them froze.
    “Stop where you are!” a voice commanded from above.
    Alika glanced up and saw a man leaning over the edge of the flying machine with a rifle pointed at them, hovering very close above them, and she had not heard them. They must have had some stealth technology. This planet was surprising her more and more. She glanced at Phillip. “What do we do?”
    He growled and dropped the bag, moving her behind him. “ Whatever happens, stay behind me. If I get hurt, I will heal. When you get the chance, run into the mines. Make it back to the caves. Build your machine and get out of here.”
    Alika realized that he was going to sacrifice himself for her. He touted that he was immortal and no matter what injury he got he would heal, but she did not know that. There was no way she was going to let him put himself in harm’s way. “No.” She jumped out from behind him and pushed him back. “I’m not going to let you do anything. You can hide yourself from them, can’t you?”
    “ Yes, but I’m not sure whether they can see me or not.”
    “It doesn’t matter. We’re in this together. I’m faster on four legs than two. If you can carry my

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