Colby: September

Colby: September by Brandy Walker

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Authors: Brandy Walker
wrinkled. Spots dotted over what was before smooth, clear skin.
    “You’re wearing a glamour.” Ella was beyond surprised. About as surprised as Claire appeared. The woman’s mouth dropped open on a gasp. Her gaze dropped to her hands, which hadn’t changed back to their faux appearance. “For the love of Hecate, that’s why you steal from your clients.” The rumors all made sense now.
    Before Claire could refute the accusation, the door swung open. Vasilis and Bianca stormed into the room. The dwarf’s face was blood red. His cheeks puffed out in rage. His hair puffed up on his head like Mr. Hufflington’s did when he was enraged.
    “I’ve finally got ya, missy,” he hissed. His tiny beaded eyes narrowed, and spittle formed at the edges of his mouth.
    While Claire’s focus was on Vasilis’ rants, Bianca zoomed up behind her and covered her with pixie dust. Black ribbons of it snaked around the witch, binding her.
    “Get in here,” Vasilis raged. Two burly men entered the shrinking room. “Take her. I never want to see her face again.”
    Claire’s mouth opened on protest, but nothing came out. Her eyes bugged out in panic. Fingers twitched where they were pressed against her sides. The men each grabbed an arm and lifted her, carrying her out of the room.
    Vasilis turned to Bianca. “Good job, lassie.” He nodded at Ella and stormed out of the room with the same ferocity as he’d arrived.
    Bianca fluttered over and sat on the table. “Told you I had something up my sleeve. I’m just sorry it had to happen to you.” She shrugged apologetically.
    “Yeah. I’m glad I could help?” It was more of a questioning response, because she really hadn’t done anything. Except get in Claire’s crosshairs.
    Bianca giggled and wings fluttered like a hummingbird’s. “You know that other stuff she said…”
    “Go on,” Ella encouraged. She didn’t know what all they had heard before bursting in.
    Bianca nibbled on her lip. “I would go confront Colby. In my experience, Holden is an instigator. If there was a bet, it was probably his idea.”
    “Ah, but that didn’t mean Colby had to take part,” she insisted.
    “You’ve met him, right?”
    Ella merely nodded.
    “He’s a guy. I think it’s some male pride ego thing.” Bianca shook her head in disgust. “That is why I don’t date men…often. So not worth the trouble half the time.”
    Ella couldn’t help but laugh. Bianca giggled along with her. It took them a couple of minutes before they settled down.
    Bianca hopped off the table and hugged Ella. When she stepped back, she held Ella at arm’s length. “I’ll cover for you. Go find out. I think Colby really does like you, and the bet wasn’t even on his mind when he was with you. There’s a connection between you two. Any fool can see that.”
    Ella nodded. She thought so too, but he wouldn’t be getting off that easy. “What about Holden? He should be here soon for his morning face massage.”
    “Don’t worry. I have something in store for him too. Thinks he can mess with one of my friends.”
    Ella lunged and squeezed Bianca impulsively. A puff of pixie dust shot up into the air. Bianca blushed and shooed Ella away. It was time to settle things once and for all with a certain Djinn who held her heart.

Sept 21st - Monday
    C olby swiped his hand over the panel, impatient for the door to slide open and see what the hell was going on.
    Tuari approached him at the end of the staff meeting to inform him he was needed back in the bar office. His plans for tracking down Ella, who hadn’t shown up at the meeting, were derailed. There were whispered words of something happening at the spa that prevented them from showing.
    He had a moment’s panic when he’d heard. His first thought going straight to Ella, to wanting to have her by his side and never let her out of his sight. Whatever happened had to have involved Claire and Ella. He knew it in his gut and by the way unease crawled up

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