Climax by Lauren Smith

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Authors: Lauren Smith
words were breathless, and excitement glittered in her eyes. She was an open book, his to read, to memorize, to live with, at least for one more night.
    He stood and reached around behind her to unfasten her bra. She caught the cups before they fell and raised one delicate brow in challenge.
    “Your turn, Kingsley.” She’d never called him that before, but he liked it.
    “As you wish,” he replied smoothly, and her lashes fluttered. He knew she loved his voice. He wasn’t about to forget something that turned her on.
    Kat reached for a few pillows from the couch and sat down by the fire while he stripped out of his clothes. The moment he was naked, he came toward her, slow, deliberate, letting no part of tonight escape his memory. Her hair curled slightly at the ends and kissed the tops of her breasts as she tossed the bra away and scooted back on the carpet to lie against the pillows. He crawled up her body, kissing and nuzzling every inch of her skin. He took his time, savoring her taste and the way little strokes of his fingers along her sensitive skin made her shiver and her breath quicken. He wanted to be inside her, but he didn’t want to rush this either. Kat met his gaze, her eyes full of understanding. She needed this slow, too. There was still so much he wanted to tell her, to ask her, to know before they had to…He banished the thought before the stinging pain could set in and lowered his lips to hers.
    The kiss was tender at first, delicate and sweet, but then it deepened as the fire between them ignited. He cupped her face with one hand, brushing his thumb over her cheekbone as he possessed her lips, drinking in her sweet taste. A heady sense of wild joy mixed with a hungry desperation overrode his control. This wasn’t just sex. He’d been a fool to ever think what lay between him and Kat could be so simple. No, this was a thing of infinite wonder, the greatest gift he could ever have. A woman who loved him, even the shadows in his heart.
    “Tristan, you don’t need to be gentle with me. I want you. Be my bad-boy Brit.” Kat teased him with a little smile.
    Despite the ache in his chest, his cock hardened further and his arousal spiked. “You want bad? That I can do, darling. Wait here.” He leaped up, completely naked, and ducked out of the TV room wearing nothing but a blanket around his hips. Whitney had better not see him like this; he didn’t want to have to explain.
    He got to his room and dug around the top drawer of his nightstand, grabbing a few items he knew Kat had never experienced. Chuckling, he hastened back down the stairs and to the TV room. She was still lying there on the carpet, body gloriously bare for his gaze. The peaks of her breasts, the full hips, and curvy muscled legs. A goddess.
    He held up the items he’d brought: a bullet vibrator and a pair of leather handcuffs lined with fur.
    Her eyes widened and she stared at the cuffs and licked her lips. “You weren’t kidding about the toys.”
    Tristan walked over to her, dropped the blanket, and knelt in front of her. “I never kid about sex toys, darling. Wrists,” he demanded with a low growl.
    When she hesitated the barest second, he arched a brow. “You cheated when you caught me skating tonight. I believe that entitles me to play the master tonight. Wrists,” he repeated. His heart was pounding with excitement as she surrendered her hands and he placed the cuffs around her wrists.
    “Good. Now lie back and reach over your head to grab the leg of the couch. You’re not to let go, no matter what I do,” he ordered.
    “Mmm-kay,” she murmured, her face a little red, and he could see by the way she was breathing faster that she was nervous.
    “You trust me?” Tristan cupped her chin and forced her to meet his gaze.
    “Yes.” There was no hesitation as she did as he asked.
    The position of her body left her bare to him and anything he wanted to do to her. Pressing his palms on the insides of her knees, he

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