Click Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade)

Click Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade) by Denise Vega

Book: Click Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade) by Denise Vega Read Free Book Online
Authors: Denise Vega
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think it’s called a pack,” I said to distract her even further.
    “A group of wolves,” I said. “It’s called a pack.”
    “Oh, Erin. Who cares? The point is seventh-grade boys are immature. Come on, let’s go over by the punch bowl. Elvis has been staring at me all afternoon. I think he’s an eighth grader.”
    I answered the door for trick-or-treaters that night while Mom and Dad ate Chinese food in the kitchen. Chris had gone out with some of his friends to a party. I fell asleep in front of the TV at nine and my dad got me off to bed. I woke up suddenly at 12:14, just as a car door slammed outside. Slipping out of bed, I tiptoed across my room and peered out the window.
    Chris was standing next to his friend’s car, talking to two boys who sat on the hood. Slowly I cracked my window and pressed my ear against the screen.
    “She’s not worth all this, Swift,” said one boy. “You’re a mess.” “No, I’m not,” Chris said.
    “You made a fool of yourself, man,” said the other boy. “She’s got a boyfriend. Just forget about her.”
    Chris waved them away and headed up the walk. He stumbled and my hand flew to my mouth, knocking over the lamp on my desk. Chris’s head whipped up and I stepped back from the window. Shoot. Had he seen me in the dark? I didn’t dare look out again, so I hurried to my bed and got under the covers, rolling over so my back was to my door. A few seconds later I heard the front door open and close, then heavy footsteps on the stairs. They clumped down the hall, then stopped. I held my breath and squeezed my eyes closed. The door squeaked opened.
    “Erin.” His harsh whisper sent a shiver down my back. “Erin. I know you’re awake. I saw you.” Shuffling feet crossed the carpet. “Just stay out of my damn business.” His finger jabbed my shoulder, then his breath warmed my ear. “Got it?” The smell of beer wafted in front of me, and I tried hard not to wrinkle my nose. His mouth stayed close to my ear for, like, fifty years, then he finally straightened up. Giving me a shove, he clumped back across the room and closed the door tightly behind him.
    My breath escaped. “Got it,” I whispered.

Friday, November 1
    Things That Are Not Good
    • I think Chris was drunk last night…must still be bummed out about Amanda…guess I’m lucky…at least I haven’t seen Mark kissing anyone and I don’t think he has a girlfriend.
    • Mark was staring at Jilly at the Halloween party.
    • I don’t think Mark realizes Jilly doesn’t look like that normally. She does not have boobs yet; well just the beginnings of some. Ok, they have gone from nipples poking out (that’s about where mine are) to little tiny mounds. But I mean little…check out a Mounds bar and you’ll get the idea.
    • She also doesn’t wear all that makeup. Her mom lets her wear a little eyeshadow and mascara and some blush but that’s it. I can’t wear any until I’m in 8th grade, which is fine with me. 1 time I tried some and got an ugly rash on my face…SO glad it was in the summer so I could hide out until it was gone. And those were fake eyelashes…she doesn’t have platinum blond hair…duh…that was a wig.
    Luckily I’m good at hiding my real feelings from Mark….if he knew he’d run howling from the room. If Jilly had seen him without his beast costume, when he wasn’t howling at the moon, she might not think he was so immature. They might fall madly in love and I’d never have a chance. I’m, like, dying about Mark staring at Jilly. It’s killing me.
    Things To Think About
    • Mark hasn’t asked 1 thing about Jilly and I’m SO glad…but kind of surprised. Maybe he heard what Jilly said about 7 th grade boys being immature. Maybe it was just 1 look at the Halloween party and he’s forgotten all about her. Whatever the reason, I’m all for it.
    • Rosie thinks Tyler Galleon likes me…crazy. No 1 ever likes me. I always like someone and then they like

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