Christmas With The Billionaire

Christmas With The Billionaire by Susan Stephens

Book: Christmas With The Billionaire by Susan Stephens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Stephens
    Kissing her was everything he had ever wanted. Her scent, her skin, the soft noises she made deep down in her throat, feeling her hungry body pressed against his, was a pleasure he’d been denied for too long. Hearing her whimper with need against his chest was a torment he had no intention of prolonging. To have her hand brush his erection was even worse. There could be no waiting this time, no teasing preparation—
    “Just... Please...”  
    That was all she could manage as he dragged down her jeans and thong. He couldn’t have said as much as that. He lifted her and within seconds he was deep and moving with urgent speed. This was where he belonged. This was the woman he belonged with, to, forever. He closed his eyes to savor the sensation of being one with her, and then with fierce, hungry strokes, she began to move with him. Neither of them showed any finesse. None was necessary. This was essential to life, to their life, to hers, and to his. He exulted when she cried out in his arms, and then he kissed her until she calmed again. His aim was to make it to the bed now, but a table intervened and so they feasted again, with one aim, one goal in mind. And when she quieted this time, he carried her to the bed, lay down beside her, and moved over her.

    It seemed unreal to wake at the pub with her limbs entwined around Jason’s. She eased away carefully so as not to wake him. Resting her chin on her hand, she stared down at him.
    Even sleeping, Jason’s face was strong and resolute, and with his wild black hair and thick coating of stubble, he looked like the marauder she had first thought him. He was, she remembered, thinking about the press reports of his business deals that said Jason Kent was ruthless and driven. She could understand him being driven. He wasn’t the type to live in the past, but the past had affected him. He would always fight a rear guard action against those demons. The past had made him fiercely protective of the people who worked with him, and absolutely determined to hang on to what he’d gotten. Was that why he was here? Wasn’t he ready to let her go yet?  
    “Hey...” His dark eyes opened slowly. His stare fixed on her face. His mouth curved in a sleepy smile. “Good morning, Ms. Black. I trust I find you well?”
    She smiled back in spite of all her insecurities. “Very well, thank you. Never better in fact.” She stretched languorously, relishing the sweet ache of a body well used.
    “Pleased to hear it,” Jason murmured, toying with her hair. “For myself, I have never slept better.”
    She dropped a kiss on his sexy mouth and felt him smile beneath her lips. His arms went around her and then somehow she was on top of him. Everything after that was a natural consequence of their hunger for each other. She eased her hips into the perfect position, and when Jason’s hands cupped her buttocks, she took him deep.  
    “This is the best way I can think of to wake up,” he murmured wickedly as he eased her up and down to an unhurried, and satisfyingly rhythmical pattern.  
    “There is no better way,” she agreed, forced into silence when he upped the pace. Her powers of coherent speech were lost in the sensation building inside her. It made her focus, made her fierce, made her strong. Staring into his eyes, she sat up and moved firmly in time with him, and then tightening her muscles around him, she brought him with her into a violent release that didn’t end there, but led to another, and then another, until they both fell back to sleep.
    It was almost midday by the time Jason got around to soaping her down in the shower, treating her as if she was the most precious thing on earth to him, but there was still something she had to know. “If you’ve come all this way just to see me, is that because you wanted to end us?”  
    “What?” His expression was incredulous.  
    “Stop looking at me like that,” she said. “I have to know. I know how you love to

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