Christmas With Nathan

Christmas With Nathan by Alice Raine

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Authors: Alice Raine
the mattress below. I continued with the crop, marginally slowing my movements until I could see her coming down from her peak with a satisfyingly dazed look on her face.
    Placing the crop on the bedside table, I vaguely pulled the sheets back into place before climbing onto the bed, gathering her head into my lap, and resting back against the headboard. Ideally, I would have liked to snuggle properly while she recovered, but her feet were still bound to the bed – exactly where I wanted them for my next trick – so my gentle strokes through her hair would have to do for now.
    ‘OK, sweetheart?’ I asked, hoping that she had enjoyed the crop as much as I had. Apparently beyond speech, Stella merely hummed contentedly as I continued to stroke her damp hair from her brow with a satisfied smile on my face.
    Once Stella had calmed and recovered, I bent over to place several kisses on her lips. ‘Still up for more?’ I enquired, preying she would say yes so I could ease the throbbing in my poor, swollen cock. If she said no, then I was headed for a marathon shower session on my own.
    ‘Oh, definitely yes,’ she replied keenly. Thank God for that. Sliding from the bed, I stood up and reached into my pocket to pull out the rest of the voucher book, wafting it teasingly in the air.
    ‘Seeing how we have the whole night alone I thought I’d use a few more of these,’ I murmured, before selecting the voucher I wanted to use and ripping it out slowly.
    Walking around the side of the bed so I was level with her head, I held the voucher out at arms’ length so she could read it. Sixty-Nine Time .
    I’d already signed the voucher in preparation, and as she re-read the words I saw the look of excitement cross her face as she rapidly licked her lips. We didn’t do this position often, as I tended to like to lead our bedroom action and this made me feel less in control as I often came far faster than I liked, but I knew Stella enjoyed it, so for tonight I would compromise.
    Placing the voucher down on the bedside table, I took my time removing my jeans and kicking them off before pushing my boxers down my legs, my cock falling into my palm, heavy and hard and already damp with excitement. I was fully aware that Stella’s eyes were now fixated on what I had revealed, so I loosely gripped myself at the base and gave several lazy pulls on my desperate shaft to tease her.
    A whimper left Stella’s lips so with a wicked grin I climbed onto the bed, placing a quick kiss on her lips before manoeuvring myself above her with my head between her legs and my pulsing cock hanging just above her lips. Splaying my legs slightly to lower my hips, Stella lifted her head and enveloped me into her mouth, sucking me in far deeper than I had expected.
    Holy fuck, that was incredible. Groaning at just how good her tongue felt, I dropped my own head and began teasing and licking her, concentrating on the needy bundle of nerves at the top. Her skin was still hot from her earlier climax, her clit swollen from all of the attention.
    One of Stella’s hands slid up my thigh until it was between my legs, cupping my balls and gently tugging on the sensitive skin as her other hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, adding to the pressure and pleasure that she was giving me.
    Given how worked up we both were tonight it wasn’t surprising that both of our climaxes were already fast approaching. I felt Stella’s flesh beginning to quiver and tense below my lips as her hips lifted to assist in grinding herself against my face, a move I took full advantage of by sucking her clit into my mouth and biting down gently. That one small move was enough to send Stella over the edge again, her climax suddenly rushing up on her as fresh moisture met my lips and her hips jerked below me. Luckily for me, her climax caused her to gasp and groan around my cock, Stella’s warm breath heightening my arousal no end until I could feel my balls tightening. Sensing my

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