Caught for Christmas

Caught for Christmas by Skye Warren

Book: Caught for Christmas by Skye Warren Read Free Book Online
Authors: Skye Warren
Tags: Fiction, Romance
him. His muscles were hard, the pads of his fingers were calloused. I didn’t know how he could touch me so softly. Everything about him screamed that he could hurt me, so why didn’t he?
    I wanted him to have his nasty way with me, but every sweet caress destroyed the illusion. My fantasy was to let him do whatever he wanted with me, but not this.
    “Harder,” I said. “I need it harder.”
    Instead his hands gentled. The one that had been holding my breast traced the curve around and under.
    I groaned in frustration. “What’s wrong?”
    He reached down, still breathing heavily, and pressed a finger lightly to my cunt, then stroked upward through the moisture. I gasped, rocking my hips to follow his finger.
    “You like this,” he said.
    Yes, I liked it. I was undeniably aroused but too aware. I needed the emptiness of being taken. “I like it better rough.”
    Colin frowned. My eyes widened at the ferocity of his expression.
    In one smooth motion he flipped me onto my stomach. I lost my breath from the surprise and impact. His left hand slid under my body between my legs and cupped me. His right hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back. His erection throbbed beside my ass in promise. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, but all I could do was gasp. He didn’t need to be told, though, and ground against me, using my hair as a handle.
    That small pain on my scalp was perfection, sharp and sweet. Numbness spread through me, as did relief.
    The pain dimmed. My arousal did too, but that was okay. I was only vaguely aware of him continuing to work my body from behind.
    I went somewhere else in my mind. I’d stay that way all night.
    At least that’s what usually happened. Not this time. Instead I felt light strokes on my hair, my arms, my back. His cock pulsed hot against my thigh, but he didn’t try to put it inside me, not in any of the places it would almost fit. His hands on me didn’t even feel sexual. He petted me, and I arched into his caress.
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    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. Except for use in a review, the reproduction or use of this work in any part is forbidden without the express written permission of the author.
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