Cast An Evil Eye

Cast An Evil Eye by Ruthe Ogilvie

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Authors: Ruthe Ogilvie
was almost empty when they arrived.
    By this time they were very hungry. One of the waiters seated them at a dimly lit booth in a secluded corner, and took their orders.
    Cammie smiled fondly at Courtney. “Tomorrow’s the big night! We’re all looking forward to it.”
    Courtney looked troubled. “I hope I don’t disappoint everyone. I’m scared.”
    “You wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t,” Jeremy reminded her. “I remember how nervous your mother got before every performance. She was always afraid she wouldn’t do as well as she did the night before. But she was always brilliant. You will be too.”
    Glen tightened his arm around Courtney. “Just sing the way you did tonight at dress rehearsal,” he told her, “and everything will be fine. I know you’ll be great. You’re number one in my book—even better than the one who played the role before.”
    Again Cammie and Jeremy exchanged knowing looks. Thank God Jeremy spied Manny when he did, she thought. We can’t have anything go wrong now, on the eve of Courtney’s success.
    All the papers had been notified that the composer of “Déjà Vu” was taking over the leading role, and the theatre was sold out. Let’s hope that Manny didn’t see the notice, and doesn’t show up, Cammie prayed. All we need now is for him to get her in his clutches again.
    Why is he so anxious to have a hold over her?
    I wish Zack were here. He’d know how to handle it.

    I t was four o’clock in the morning in Paris. Bustling activity in the room next to Zack woke him up.
    He jumped out of bed. No need to dress. He had slept all night in his clothes, ready to help Gus if he needed it.
    He rushed into Gus’ room. The doctor was there and Gus was propped up on pillows. He had a blank stare and looked frightened.
    Zack went over to his side. “Gus! Thank God! How do you feel?”
    Gus gave him a blank stare. “Who are you?” He looked around. “Where am I? What am I doing here?”
    Zack took a backward step. He was stunned. This was the last thing he expected.
    He looked at the doctor. He looked at Gus, and stepped up to the bed. “Gus,” he said gently, “I’m Zack, your former partner. Don’t you remember?”
    Again, a blank stare. A look of fear crept over his face. “Zack—Gus—who’s Gus?”
    Zack’s heart left his chest and touched his toes. “You’re Gus Johnson. We ran a detective agency together.”
    Gus gulped and rubbed his eyes. He winced as one of his fingernails brushed over the cut on his forehead. He looked as though he was in a trance. “I don’t remember—” His voice trailed off. “I’m so tired—”
    The doctor nodded to Zack. “We’d better leave and let this man get some rest. Maybe when he wakes up he’ll remember. This sometimes happens when someone’s been hit on the head. It’s usually temporary.”
    The nurse lowered the bed and made Gus comfortable. He fell asleep almost immediately, leaving a very disturbed Zack hoping the doctor was right—that this was only a temporary setback.
    He debated whether or not to call Renee Aumont. It was only five o’clock in the morning. He decided to wait till Gus woke up. His memory might be clearer, and he’d be able to answer Renee’s questions. But just as he came to this decision, Renee appeared.
    “How’s your friend?” she asked eagerly. “Has he regained consciousness yet?”
    Zack looked at her with a hopeless expression.
    Renee sat down on the bench beside him and put a comforting arm around his shoulder. She spoke with great compassion. “Zack.” It was the first time she had called him by his given name. “What’s wrong?”
    Zack shook his head in disbelief. “Gus can’t remember anything. Not me—not even who he is. It’s all my fault.” His voice broke as he tried desperately to gain control.
    Renee did something totally unexpected. She put both arms around Zack and pulled him over so his head rested on her shoulder. She stroked his

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