Carrying the Rancher's Heir

Carrying the Rancher's Heir by Charlene Sands

Book: Carrying the Rancher's Heir by Charlene Sands Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlene Sands
    She’d used him for payback. And now an innocent baby’s life was at stake.
    A surge of white-hot anger raged inside. Tagg had been played, and this time he couldn’t blame the old man. It wasn’t The Hawk’s fault, though he had to hand it to Sullivan. He’d taught his daughter how to manipulate well.
    â€œWhere is she?” Tagg turned and headed for the door.
    â€œNot so fast!” Sullivan’s coarse voice stopped him cold.
    Tagg turned and glared at him, his nerves ready to burst through his skin. “What?”
    â€œSit down, Worth. You’re gonna listen to me.” He pointedto the seat in front of his desk. Tagg walked closer, but didn’t sit.
    â€œSay it and be quick.”
    Sullivan opened the top drawer in his desk and pulled out a thick manila folder. He glanced at it for a moment, then tossed it toward him. The file spun and landed on the desk facing him. “Look at it.”
    Tagg humored him, though he wasn’t keen on doing any of Sullivan’s bidding. He opened the file and raised his brows. “It’s the Bender contract.”
    â€œThat’s right,” Sullivan said, smug.
    â€œSo? You rubbing my nose in it?”
    â€œNo, I’m offering it to you. If you see there, the contract isn’t signed. I’m holding off.”
    Confused, Tagg glanced at the man. “For what?”
    â€œIt’s worth a small fortune. More than three million over two years, I’d say. If current beef prices hold and the cattle sale goes through without a hitch.”
    â€œHell, I know that.”
    â€œI’ll back out and Worth Enterprises can step in with your offer. All you have to do is walk away right now. Leave Callie to me. Let her have the baby and I’ll find her someone suitable to marry. She doesn’t need your money. You know that. Just tell her you want out of any obligation to the child.”
    Tagg stared at him. Was he a madman? Had he had one too many unscrupulous dealings in his past to believe Tagg would agree to this?
    Tagg gripped the folder, his fingers curling around the edges. He spoke through clenched teeth. “Let me get this straight. You’re offering me the Bender deal if I walk away from my child? I give him up? Lose all rights to him or her, and I get the contract?”
    â€œThat’s the deal I’m offering.”
    â€œSo, to put it another way, you’re using your grandchild as a… a bargaining chip? ”
    â€œThat’s just one way of looking at it.”
    Tagg hissed through tight lips, “I don’t believe this.”
    Sullivan’s mouth turned into a grim line. “You don’t want my daughter. Or the child she’s carrying. And we have no use for Worths around here.”
    Tagg shook his head in disgust. “You think everyone’s a ruthless bastard like you?”
    Sullivan didn’t back down. He gestured to the contract. “It’s a damn good offer.”
    â€œKeep your friggin’ deal.” Tagg tossed the file down so hard, the papers caught flight and several sheets hit Sullivan smack in the face. Tagg found no enjoyment in that. He was beyond rage. “Go to hell, old man.” He turned on his heels and strode out of the study. He took the steps two at a time as he raced up the staircase. “Callie!” he called out. “Callie!”
    He saw her before he reached the top of the stairs. She was standing by a window, dressed in a long light beige nightgown with the fading sunshine behind her back. She would have looked angelic but for her pale drawn face and the lack of luster in her eyes. They stared at each other for several long seconds. Tagg thought he knew Callie. Thought he liked her. But he found he didn’t know her at all and right now he detested anyone named Sullivan. “Get dressed. You’re taking a drive with me.”
    She nodded, not saying a word. He glanced at her stomach, then

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