C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines)

C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) by Eve Langlais

Book: C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) by Eve Langlais Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eve Langlais
but your strength is a major turn on.”
    He would have given her anything she wanted in that moment because of her simple admission. With a groan, he whirled her until her back pressed against the wall. Using it to brace her, he slid his hands from her hips, one sliding under her buttocks to keep her aloft, the other tearing at the opening to his pants.
    She didn’t make his task easy, distracting him with soft kisses up and down the length of his neck. Biting the lobe of his ear, her soft pants were their own form of excitement. Freed, his cock sprang forth and came to rest just under her pussy. He slid his hand between their bodies, intent on rousing her passion, only to discover her dripping wet when he touched her. She moaned against his skin as he rubbed his finger across her clit. As he caressed her, he let his hips guide his rigid cock back and forth against her moist sex, covering it in her honey. She squirmed in his grasp, her intent to sheath him all too clear. But he held off, instead grasping his dick and rubbing the swollen tip against her engorged nub.
    “Stop teasing me,” she moaned.
    “But I am practicing being bad,” he murmured back before kissing the soft skin of her neck.
    “No need for practice. You’re already an expert.”
    Placing the head of his shaft at the entrance of her sex, he chuckled as she tried to force him in. “Impatient, little one?”
    “I want to come all over your cock,” she murmured. “Don’t you want to feel me squeezing all around you?”
    By all the nanos in his body, he did. He slammed into her welcoming heat, yelling at the exquisite tight feel of her around him. With both her ass cheeks held in the palms of his hands, he pumped her, driving his dick in and out of her sex, trembling as he strove to hold on when her muscles convulsed and quivered all around him. She bit him as she keened her pleasure, her loss of control sending him over the edge. He shot his cream into her, gasping as her sex milked him dry.
    Shuddering, breathing heavy and shaken, because it seemed each sexual encounter with her became more and more intense, he sought for a way to lighten the mood and distract him from the words that fought to get free from his tongue.
    “Apology accepted.”
    Her body went still for a moment before she erupted into gales of laughter, a mirth he joined. But the words he’d almost uttered — I love you — rang inside his mind. His BCI spun in circles, trying to understand the logic that drove him to want to say such a thing. But while the machine side of him did not understand, the man that remained understood and hugged tighter the female who’d reminded him of his stolen humanity.

Chapter Six
    The voyage to the asteroid outpost took several days, not that Chloe took note or cared. Joe kept her entertained both in bed and out. In the bedroom, he made her scream in pleasure; outside of it, she made him groan as she taught him how to act more human because, despite his capture and the new worrisome bug, Joe was determined to go back and resume the search for secrets on the cyborgs’ creation.
    “Aren’t you afraid of getting caught again?”
    His arched brow spoke eloquently of what he thought of her query.
    “Don’t give me that look. Did Seth teach you that?”
    His pleased grin dropped when he mumbled, “Maybe.”
    “Seriously though. I know you had them dancing your tune when we met. And with reason. But, they’re going to learn from their mistakes. You might not get away so easily next time.”
    “But without taking any risks, we won’t get any answers.”
    “What exactly are you looking for? What’s so important you would risk your life to discover it?”
    Leaning back in his seat, his eyes took on a faraway cast, and when he spoke, she wasn’t sure if spoke so much to her as himself.
    “When I woke after the EMP pulses on Gamma 15, I woke not knowing who I was. I followed orders because it seemed easiest and tried to understand why,

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