Butterfly by Rochelle Alers

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Authors: Rochelle Alers
can’t believe you’re going to sign withBGM. Do you realize they’re referred to as CAA on the Hudson? CAA is Creative Artists Agency,” she continued, as if Seneca didn’t know who she was talking about. After all, they were both film and theater majors. “It’s said they are the leading talent agency, whose clients include Oprah, LeBron James, Will Smith, Spielberg and Brad Pitt. Well, BGM is running a close second.”
    Seneca stared at the petite actress waiting for her big break who’d legally changed her name from Elaine Rachel Jacobs to Electra Reece-Jacobs because it had more of a theatrical flair. The first time she saw Electra in an audition for a role with a small theater group she’d been left speechless by her range of talent. Electra could do it all: sing, dance and act.
    “Have you considered signing with them?” Seneca asked.
    Electra emitted a low, throaty laugh. “Yeah, right,” she drawled. “I couldn’t get past the receptionist. That’s why I signed with an agency with a small client list where I won’t get lost in the huddled masses.”
    “You’re going to make it big, roomie.”
    Electra rolled her expressive eyes upward. “From your lips to God’s ears, roomie,” she teased, smiling. “I told you the first time I saw you that you were too pretty to work behind the camera, and I’m proud to say I was right. And when you make it big, I’m going to tell everyone that Seneca Houston and I shared an apartment as college students.”
    Seneca sobered at the mention of college. She was going to have to withdraw from college, which meant the money her grandmother had put aside for her education would remain frozen in an account that had been set up expressly for that purpose. The executor for Ileana Houston’s estate paid for her books and tuition and fees, and a small stipend for incidentals, leaving Seneca responsible for her room and board.
    “You know I’m going to have to drop out.”
    “Pul-eease,” Electra drawled, again rolling her eyes. “You’re about to blow up as an international supermodel and you’re bitchin’ about dropping out of college. There are plenty of very successful people on the Forbes list who’ve dropped out of college. Believe me—I’d drop out in a minute even if I landed a role in a B flick.”
    Seneca stared at the clock on the microwave. “I thought you were rehearsing with Jayson Brennan for his new play.” Electra and the playwright had dated off and on for more than a year.
    Electra exhaled an audible sigh of exasperation. “Jayson doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. He hires a director to direct the play, and then decides at the last minute to rewrite a scene. It’s the same with our relationship. He says he’s in love with me, yet when we start getting close he says he needs his space.”
    “It sounds like a fear of commitment—to a woman and his work.”
    Electra combed her fingers through her hair in a nervous gesture. “I’m giving him until the end of the summer to get his shit together. After that, I’m done with him and his play. Now I know why you don’t get involved with a man. It’s much too emotionally draining.”
    “I can’t afford to get involved with a man,” Seneca countered. “If I’m going to give up my free time, then he’s going to have to be worth it.”
    Electra put up her hand for a high-five handshake. “I should take your advice. I know you normally don’t eat breakfast—”
    “I eat breakfast,” she insisted, interrupting Electra.
    “Fruit with wheat germ and wheat toast.”
    “It’s healthy and filling.”
    “It’s boring, Seneca. I’m going to Zabar’s. Do you want me to bring you back something?”
    Moaning aloud, Seneca shook her head. “Oh, no, you didn’t say Zabar’s. ” The gourmet grocer was without a doubt the best in the city, if not the world. All of her self-control fled whenever she entered the perpetually crowded store at Broadway and West Eightieth.

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