Building Our Love (Griffin Brothers #2)

Building Our Love (Griffin Brothers #2) by Crystal Perkins

Book: Building Our Love (Griffin Brothers #2) by Crystal Perkins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crystal Perkins
are tied with a green
ribbon. I recognize what they are as I come up behind her. “Are
those for me?”
    “Yes. I don’t know
if you remember-“
    “I do. I remember the
drawings you used to give me. The first draft of your design ideas
for the interiors of whatever buildings I was drawing.”
    “These are the first
drafts of the Seattle building. I wanted to give them to you. If-if
you want them.”
    “I want them, Chlo.” I reach
around her and notice the piece of paper attached to them. I pick the
roll of papers up to look at it.
    Reason #2 that I LOVE YOU: You have always believed in me.
    “I do believe in you,
Chloe. I believe in us. This building is going to be amazing.”
    “Us for work or us
like this?” She waves her hand between us.
    “Both,” I tell her
honestly. Work is awesome, and I do believe that things will work out
for us this second time around. “I really love that you’re giving
me your drafts again.”
    “I wasn’t sure you
remembered,” she says nervously.
    “Your drawings have
always meant a lot to me, Chlo.” She’ll see that when we go to my
place tomorrow. I have to ask her the question, though. “Did you
give them to Adam when we were apart?”
    “No. Never. I have
only ever given my drafts to you.”
    “That makes me even
happier. Now, you’re still conscious which means I haven’t made
you come enough tonight. I need to take you upstairs and remedy
    I reach for her and
once again carry her up to her bed. We try several different
positions, and although I’m not sure about the losing consciousness
thing, we both pass out as the sun is coming up. I love having Chloe
curled up in my arms as I fall asleep. I need to keep her this time
or I may not recover from the loss of her again.

Chapter 10
    I wake up alone in my
bed. I sit straight up and start to panic, thinking Ryan’s changed
his mind and left me, but then he comes out of the bathroom, smiling
at me. “Hey, sweetheart. Did I wake you up?”
    “No. I woke up on my
    I must sound a little
off. “What’s wrong, Chlo?”
    “Nothing. I’m
    “You’re actually
better than good, but you looked a little freaked out when I came
back in here.” He sits down next to me looking worried.
    “It’s stupid and
besides it doesn’t matter anymore.”
    “Anymore?” Then he
gets it. “You thought I left, didn’t you?”
    “Yes,” I admit as I
look down. “I wouldn’t blame you.”
    He tilts my chin back
up and looks into my eyes. “Last night was the best night of my
life, Chloe. But I’m pretty sure that tonight is going to top it
and every night I spend with you from now on is going to keep getting
better and better. I don’t want to leave you. And I don’t want
you to leave. So please don’t. I couldn’t take it again.”
    “I meant it when I
said I was never going to let you go again. I’m yours for as long
as you want me.”
    “Well, I want you
forever,” he tells me as he leans over to place kisses down my
neck. “How many times did I make you come last night?”
    “I kind of lost
count, but I think that it was around 18.” I tell him and then moan
as he takes my left nipple into his mouth.
    “Are you too sore for
me to try to beat my high score?”
    “High score? You
sound like Scott,” I tell him, laughing. “But honestly, I am a
little sore.”
    “I can work with
that. My mouth will just have to do most of the work today.” He
starts to move under the covers.
    It’s late afternoon before we
leave the bed to get dressed. We’ve had a couple of bathroom breaks
and gone downstairs for snacks, but we didn’t leave my bed for too
long. Ryan is coming close to his high score, and while my score is
considerably lower, he’s not complaining. We’re both feeling
happy and sated. Ryan really wants me to see his place so we make
ourselves get up. I walk into the bathroom to get cleaned up and find
a note attached to the mirror.
    Reason #2 that you are AWESOME and I

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