Boyett-Compo, Charlotte - Wyndmaster 1

Boyett-Compo, Charlotte - Wyndmaster 1 by The Wyndmaster's Lady (Samhain)

Book: Boyett-Compo, Charlotte - Wyndmaster 1 by The Wyndmaster's Lady (Samhain) Read Free Book Online
Authors: The Wyndmaster's Lady (Samhain)
many women like to suckle…" He blushed. "A man's dangly."
    Her eyes flared. "You can do that?" She looked down at his cock, turning her head to one side as if
    contemplating such a strange notion.
    "Well, I can't, but you could if you are of a mind to," he answered. "If a man could suckle his own
    dangly, there would never be any work done."
    "Or wars started?" she asked, a twinkle in her eye.
    "Most likely not," he agreed. "Let me show you something."
    Celeste was eager to try anything new—especially with this gorgeous man who had practically fallen into
    her lap. She drew in a slow breath as his hand trailed down from her breast, over her belly and into the
    curls between her legs.
    "Umm," she said as he gently stroked those perky little hairs. "That feels good."
    Sierran was making slow, lazy little circles around her silky bush but then dipped the tip of his fingers
    downward against her clitoral hood and she practically jumped out of the bed.
    "Sierran!" she hissed, arching her hip up against his hand. "Yes, Sierran. Yes!"
    His fingers dipped lower until he was softly rubbing her folds, smiling at the purr that was coming from
    deep within her throat. She lay there with her hips rotating in a timeless rhythm of which she was
    completely unaware. Her full lips were parted, her eyes closed, her face filled with passion. He could feel
    her body tightening, becoming as sweetly strung as a new bow and when she clamped her hand on his,
    lifted her hips high and came for him, he gently slid the tip of his finger inside her.
    "By the gods, yes!" she shouted, quivering like a leaf in a fresh breeze.
    Marveling at the good fortune that had come from such a wicked, evil beginning, he stilled his hand upon
    her moist mound—that tip still pressing into her throbbing sheath—and met her surprised gaze as her
    eyelids fluttered open and she looked at him with wonder.
    "I had no idea," she said in a breathless whisper.
    "There is more, milady," he said. "Much, much more and when I am able, I will take you on a journey of
    discovery that will delight you."
    She was stroking his hand, reveling in the feel of him touching her in such an intimate place. The wiry
    hairs on the back of his hand delighted her for the feel of them beneath the pads of her fingertips was
    supremely male.
    "I will make you a good wife," she said.
    Sierran smiled. "Of that I have no doubt."
    They fell asleep looking at one another within a silence that was gentle and peaceful and filled with
    growing affection.

Chapter Nine
    Vaughn Morgan was very annoyed. He had been pacing the pier, watching for the arrival of the Akinos
    for several hours. When at last the sails of the Orulesian ship were sighted, he slapped his riding crop
    against his buff britches in agitation. "This is unacceptable," he told his servant. "Completely
    "Aye, milord," the beleaguer man replied with a sigh.
    Sierran's eldest brother had never been a patient man and his patience had worn even thinner the longer
    he had waited. Pacing the pier, he glowered at the approaching ship, his handsome face set in a perpetual
    frown of disapproval.
    "Uh, oh," Vargas said. "That looks like the commander's brother."
    Mac sniffed. "Looks like trouble to me," he mumbled.
    "I'd best go warn him," Vargas said, turning away from the rail.
    * * *
    Sierran was relieving himself when the light rap came at the cabin door. He hurriedly stuffed himself into
    the britches Vargas had left for him and rushed to answer the knock before whoever it was could wake
    Celeste. Glancing at her to make sure she was covered with the tangled sheet, he quietly opened the
    "Morning, Commander," Vargas said. "I'm afraid I've got news that ain't going to set too well with you."
    Letting out a long breath, Sierran motioned Vargas to move back. He joined his sergeant in the corridor.
    "What's happened?"
    Vargas shifted uncomfortably before the commander. "It's your brother, sir. Lord Vaughn is waiting

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