Bound to the Bad Boy

Bound to the Bad Boy by Molly Ann Wishlade

Book: Bound to the Bad Boy by Molly Ann Wishlade Read Free Book Online
Authors: Molly Ann Wishlade
would she flee? But
he had no choice. It was either that, or wait until she returned then leave her
waiting. That seemed worse. So he nipped into the locker room and stashed his
jacket and the helmets that hung from his arm into a locker. Though they had
keys, none of the members bothered to lock them. Being here was about trusting
those around you. What went on here was too intimate not to. He just hoped that
Megan would be able to trust him enough to enjoy the evening.
    Trust. Their whole
relationship was about trust. After their separation, could they ever really
trust one another again?
    We have to. I cannot stand to exist without
emerged back through the door to find Megan waiting.
    He placed
the bundles on the floor and pulled her into his arms. He couldn’t help it. She
was so beautiful, so adorable and so sexy. He held her tightly with one hand
and roamed her body with the other.
are truly gorgeous, sub. You know that?”
tilted her head for a kiss.
    “I am
pleased that you think so, Master.”
covered her mouth with his own and plundered it with his tongue. He tasted her
sweetness, her warmth, and her familiarity. His heart beat hard against his
ribs, trying to join with hers. He couldn’t wait to show her off. To indulge her deepest, darkest desires and to make her come again
and again and again.
    As he
pulled her even closer, his cock pushed against the front of her pussy and the
panties pinged aside. He ground into her, the zipper on his jeans digging into
his erection and her wet warmth. She moaned into his mouth and he lifted her,
wrapping her legs around him. He pushed her back to the nearest wall and humped
her repeatedly, wishing that they were naked and he was indeed buried in her
heat. She cried out as she came and he held her there for a moment, shuddering
with his own raw lust. He was on the verge of exploding into his pants and it
took a few minutes to battle the urge.
    When he
had caught his breath, he lowered her gently and helped her to reposition her
underwear. Then he brushed her pussy cream from his jeans and licked it from
his fingers.
    He smiled
at her flushed cheeks and the cute, dazed expression on her face. She looked
like he felt. He took her hand and led her towards the entrance to the bar.

    Chapter Eight
stepped into the darkened bar area of Club Castille. The soothing fragrance of
incense and vanilla met her nostrils. Combined with the gentle lighting and
subtle saxophone music, it created a relaxed and sensual mood. Nothing was
overdone. The incense was not overpowering, but sensual and warming. The music
was just loud enough to hear, but quiet enough to allow conversation. The lamps
spaced around the room and the candles on the low tables gave the room a soft
glow, which helped to calm her nerves about being almost naked in a room full
of people.
    Matt tucked
the bundles under a strong arm and led her towards the bar where a muscular man
smiled warmly at them. Megan tried to pretend that she hadn’t noticed that the
bartender was wearing nothing but an apron covering his groin. Beneath the
apron was an impressive bulge that bobbed as he moved. She realized that he was
probably wearing a cock ring to keep him ready and erect for the pleasure of
the club’s customers.
Master King?”
nodded at him as he handed him their bundles. “We’ll collect these later.”
thought she saw the bartender check out Matt’s chest but she couldn’t be sure.
He hadn’t even glanced at her large bare breasts, and if Matt was more his
type, then that would explain it.
tried to slip a hand down to her panties to pull the one side back over her labia
but it was difficult to do it discreetly.
    “Problem, sub?” Matt grinned.
panties have slipped.” She grimaced.
problem.” He reached out and took hold of the gauzy material and pulled it back
into place. Then he ran his finger quickly

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