Boreal and John Grey Season 2

Boreal and John Grey Season 2 by Chrystalla Thoma

Book: Boreal and John Grey Season 2 by Chrystalla Thoma Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chrystalla Thoma
asked. Because he does now, and did you know he’s listening to all we say?
    “I said I’d pass by, talk to Mike.”
    “Nothing to talk about,” Mike said, a little too quickly. He shook his head. “The screeching is just a glitch in the Matrix.” He winked. “Take the blue pill and the story ends.”
    Mike and film quotes. Terrific.
    “And the magic? The fire?” Sarah watched Finn like a hawk. “Won’t you help me out here?”
    Great, as if the transmitter wasn’t enough worry, now they had Sarah bugging them. God, with Dave listening in, the dragon still roaming free on the city, the nightmares getting more and more real but never revealing what came before or after that moment in the cave...
    “Why on earth would you think you could just drop by for tea and ask for help?” Ella blurted, her blood boiling. “Are you out of your mind? You’re not welcome here.”
    “And as I said,” Mike muttered. “Everything’s fine now.”
    “You...” Sarah stood, wobbling on her stilettos, and jabbed a finger at Mike. “Of all people, you know how it hurts to hear this constant screeching. How debilitating it is, how it makes you dizzy and nauseous and turns your life to crap. I’m asking you as the only other oracle I know, damn you.” Her voice cracked. “I’m not here for Dave or anybody else. I need to find out how to make the noise stop or I’ll go mad.”
    Well, Ella had to admit, it was a hell of a performance. Or was it really so bad all the time? The screeching was caused by magic moving through the Veil, according to Finn. Was she more sensitive to the noise than Mike? She knew there were degrees to everyone’s abilities.
    Guilt washed through her and she struggled to stop it from swamping her and dampening her anger.
    Anger was good. She had to hold on to it. Had to remind herself this person had threatened to kill both of them more than once, and well, if Finn knew the secret to stopping the noise from the Veil, he’d have told Mike, at least.
    Hell, if there was a way to avoid hearing it, Finn would’ve used the trick himself instead of popping painkillers like candies.
    “You want something in return, is that it?” Sarah gave Ella a long look. “I know you don’t like me. I know you don’t have any reason to trust me.”
    Duh. “You got that right.”
    “I won’t try anything against you, I swear. Finn won’t deliver us to his evil siblings, I get it. Excuse me if I couldn’t be sure from the start he was on our side. We could work together.”
    Ella suppressed a snort. Honestly? With Finn barely keeping the Gates closed and the Veil from unraveling, the last thing she needed was trigger-happy Sarah. It might only take a hint of the Gates opening and she’d be shooting them dead.
    Finn glared at Sarah. Her sentiments exactly.
    “Sorry, Sarah.” Mike shrugged. “Not interested in collaborating on this one.”
    “Yeah,” Ella said. “The line’s busy right now, try again later.” Preferably in a couple centuries.
    “I see.” Sarah massaged her temples with her fingertips. “I suppose you don’t need my help after all. Stupid of me to think you did. Never mind that I have access to the invaluable library of the Organization, with its rare manuscripts, and to other information you were after... But maybe you stopped caring about why Simon was killed.” 
    What? Ella stood. “What about Simon?”
    “Ah, wouldn’t you like to know.” Sarah smiled sweetly. “Like, who he really worked for. But I guess you’re not interested.” She took a step toward the door. “I’d like my weapons back, please.”
    Ella opened her mouth to curse her to hell and back.  
    “Wait,” Finn said.
    A stillness fell over the room.
    Finn turned the knife he held in his hand, light reflecting on the polished blade. “Maybe we can help each other.”
    Well, fuck me. What are you doing, Finn?
    Sarah’s heels skreeked on the floor as she turned around to face him. “Ah. Is it a deal,

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