BOOM by Michael Whetzel

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Authors: Michael Whetzel
    (tick tick tick tick tick)
    Ulee was pissing on his car. Jeffrey Walls looked at the
young man and his shoulders dropped. Every morning Ulee and Pierce met him at
his car, and every morning he caught them doing something gross on or around
his car. Well, except for that one morning when the only thing that greeted him
was the steaming pile of dog shit that was sitting right next to the driver’s
door. He didn’t see anyone near the vehicle that morning, but he knew it was
them. It was always them.
    Ever since he bought the silver Nissan Altima, Ulee picked
on him about. He just had to say something. At least that was how it began. Now
they knew Walls wasn’t going to do anything about it, and they had taken their
actions up a notch. And Walls wasn’t going to fight. He just was not one for
confrontation. He couldn’t seem to find the strength to stand up for himself.
He usually felt numb to those around him.
    Ulee turned at the sound of the vehicle’s owner striding up
the sidewalk. Jeffrey had left the apartment a little earlier for work,
thinking he could bypass this whole experience. He glanced at Pierce as he
walked by. Pierce had a little gleam in his eye to match the multiple piercings
tattooing his face. A smile crept across his lips as Jeffrey walked by.
    “Morning, Walls,” he said. Jeffrey nodded slightly his way,
than turned his attention to Ulee.
    “Shit, Walls.” Ulee was zipping up his fly. “I’m really
sorry. I had to go so bad, and….well, ya know.” Ulee grinned his big stupid What
the fuck you going to do about it? grin. Pierce stepped behind Jeffrey.
    “I mean, its okay? Right, Walls?” Ulee flexed his muscular
arms, covered with black inky designs of dragons and half dressed women. Even
though Jeffrey was a head taller than both men, he seemed weak and complacent
in his white shirt, striped tie, and khaki pants.
    “It’s fine. I need to get to work, Ulee.” Jeffrey barely
mumbled the words. He didn’t make eye contact, only shuffled towards the
driver’s door. Ulee stepped out of the way with a slight bow.
    “It’s such a nice car, Walls. Silver, man, that’s a tight
color on those Nissans.” It was the same thing all the time. They always
complimented him on the car. It was brand new, a graduation gift to himself,
the only thing he owned that was worth something. “What do you think, Pierce?”
    Pierce slid up beside Ulee, the chains connecting his bling
rattling slightly.
    “Well, I’m not much on those Jap cars. Seems like a bunch of
rice eaters wouldn’t know anything about precision performance. But hey, it is
a nice looking automobile.” Ulee nodded his head in agreement.
    Jeffrey grabbed the door handle. He quickly let go of it
when he noticed it was wet. Ulee and Pierce were rolling on the grass laughing
    “Just a little joke! I swear no harm!” Ulee was cackling
like a hyena. “Shit, his face, Pierce.”
    Jeffrey held down the bile trying to escape from his
    Ulee had pissed on the door handle.
    (tick tick tick tick tick tick)
    Jeffrey pulled the car out of the apartment complex. He
stopped at the small gas station on the corner and went to the bathroom to wash
his hands.
    He scrubbed hard under the water, rinsing the soap suds down
the rusty drain. Once he was satisfied the piss germs were gone, he splashed
water onto his face and slicked back his hair. Jeffrey stared in the mirror at
his reflection. His eyes seemed hollow. They were bloodshot from lack of sleep.
The bones stuck outward from around the sockets.
    He rubbed the high cheekbones he had inherited from his
father. He frowned at the pale skin stretched across his tight forehead. At
least I got rid of the glasses. He hated the black horn rims, and opted for
contacts his sophomore year of college.
    Jeffrey looked down at his shirt. There was a wet stain
above the belt, slowly drying a soft yellow color. It was where he wiped his
hand after getting into his car. Good

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