Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan

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Authors: Kylie Chan
Tags: Fiction
don’t know.’
    ‘Does the Demon King know?’
    ‘I don’t know. He’s never tried me.’
    I put my head in my hands. ‘Oh God .’
    ‘We should try to enclose the Serpent. That way there is no risk of me running into it alone and rejoining.’
    ‘I couldn’t do that to you,’ I whispered. ‘I love you too much to do that to you. Either of you.’
    ‘Get out! Quickly!’
    I shot out of my seat and ran to the door. I fumbled with the handle, eventually managed to open the door and threw myself out. I leaned against the wall of the hallway and breathed. I had to stop doing this to us. Every time we mentioned our feelings for each other, I had to leave the room before he drained me completely.
    We won’t be going to Paris, I will arrange another place. I am calling the Lady now.
    After school the next day Simone and I were spread out in the living room doing her homework. She didn’t really need my help, she was exceptionally bright, but we enjoyed the time spent together.
    The doorbell rang. ‘It’s Aunty Kwan,’ Simone said, ‘and Qing Long. With Jade.’
    ‘Wonderful! Jade’s back!’ I cried, shooting to my feet.
    I rushed to answer the door, but Leo was ahead of me. He opened the door. ‘My Lord. My Lady.’ He nodded to Jade and she nodded back without smiling.
    Qing Long didn’t say anything as he stepped through the door. He was in his normal human form, taller than Leo, slim and elegant as a dancer, with turquoise hair and matching eyes, and wearing a grey silk embossed robe.
    Kwan Yin stopped and took Leo’s hands. ‘Hello, Leo. Let me look at you. You look well.’
    ‘Thank you, my Lady,’ Leo said.
    I took Jade’s hands and studied her. ‘Are you okay?’ I said.
    Jade nodded without looking up. ‘Just fine, my Lady. Lord Qing cared for me exceptionally well.’
    Leo stopped and listened. ‘Lord Xuan says Ms Kwan and Lord Qing are to go to the dining room.’
    ‘What’s happening?’ I said.
    Come in too, Emma, John said into my ear.
    ‘I have to go too,’ I said to Jade.
    ‘I have work to do,’ Jade said. ‘The accounts will be backed up for weeks. By your leave, I’ll return to the Academy.’
    I nodded to Jade and she disappeared.
    ‘Leo, I’ve been called in as well,’ I said. ‘Mind Simone for me? Help her with her maths?’
    Simone giggled. ‘More like I help him with his maths.’
    Leo grinned. ‘That’s right.’
    I followed Ms Kwan and the Dragon into the dining room. Qing Long stopped and saluted John before sitting.
    John nodded. ‘Qing Long.’
    I remained silent, wondering.
    ‘For your benefit, Emma, I’ll tell you what I’d like to do. Paris is too far; I won’t make it such a distance from my Centre, now. But I do want to be as far from the demons’ Centre as I can manage.’
    ‘The resort is on the Eastern Rim. It should suffice,’ Qing Long said. ‘I will provide you with suitable accommodation. Do it there.’
    ‘Where?’ I said.
    ‘Kota Kinabalu,’ John said. ‘Sabah. Borneo.’
    ‘I’ve heard about KK,’ I said.
    ‘It is as far away from the Centre as the Dark Lord can manage in his current state,’ Ms Kwan said. ‘Far enoughaway from the demons’ Centre, yet still close enough to our own.’
    ‘Is the water there clean enough for you to swim?’ I said.
    ‘Dragon?’ John said.
    ‘Yes,’ the Dragon said. ‘The shoreline is slightly polluted, but if you go through quickly it shouldn’t be a problem. Out on the islands, in the marine park, absolutely. Should be clean enough.’
    ‘Excellent!’ I said. ‘You can do both!’ I grinned at the Dragon. ‘Lord Qing Long, thank you so very much. You have no idea how much we appreciate this.’
    ‘Good,’ the Dragon said with a small smile. ‘I’m losing a lot of income giving you the Presidential Suite and providing you with demon staff.’
    ‘I’ll give you a pile of gold to sit on,’ John said.
    ‘Ah Wu! That was uncalled for,’ Ms Kwan said.
    John and the Dragon

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