BLAMELESS: MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #3)

BLAMELESS: MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #3) by Franca Storm

Book: BLAMELESS: MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #3) by Franca Storm Read Free Book Online
Authors: Franca Storm
the bathroom in a state? Poor, helpless Sarah, right? Or, is it that you feel guilty about the nasty things you said to me up at the clubhouse and you feel like doing this will cure you of that?”
    She cuts me off. “I don’t want your pity. And I don’t want your guilt. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You were right. We aren’t together. You had every right to fool around with those girls. You still do. It’s not your fault that I’m a stupidly emotional and clingy person after getting sexual with a guy.” She runs her fingers through her hair. “I was stupid to think that what we did meant something more than just an orgasm and a good time. But I can’t be anything else. It’s the way I am and you’re…you’re not that way. You like fooling around with many women, not being tied to just one.” Her eyes lock with mine. “You’re free like that.”
    Jesus Christ. Her words bore into the heart of me. The next thing I know, I’m climbing onto the bed and straddling her over the covers.
    She gasps, her eyes wide. “Zeb?” she ekes out, nervously.
    “Free? I ain’t free , Sarah. Ain’t felt that way for a long time. ‘Til you . ‘Til I knew you. When you’re ‘round, you got this way of pulling me outta all the bad. All the dark. Those women you talkin’ ‘bout? Just distractions, darlin’. But you …you do something to me. It confuses the fuck outta me, but I can’t shake it. Can’t shake you . So, that’s why I’m here. I’m here, cuz I wanna be. Wanna be with you .”
    She don’t say nothing. She just stares at me.
    And then she lets go of the covers.
    That’s when I realize why she were covering up. Her tank top’s so thin that I can see her nipples, hard and pushing against the material. She’s turned on.
    I reach for the bottom of her top.
    Her hands cover mine and she tells me in an anxious rush, “Zeb. I…I’m scared. I…I’m not…”
    “Not what, Sarah?”
    “Not…experienced. Not like those women you usually…go with. I don’t know how to—”
    “Know all that ‘bout you already. Like that ‘bout you, darlin’.”
    “But, I—”
    “Shh,” I whisper, leaning down and kissing her hands that are now gripping mine real tight. “Close your eyes.”
    She hesitates.
    “Sarah. You believed me when I told you you’re safe with me, yeah?”
    She nods, biting those full lips of hers.
    “Then close your eyes for me.”
    She does as I ask, scrunching ‘em up tightly.
    “Good girl. Now release your death grip on me. Okay, darlin’?”
    She slowly releases me.
    I cup her face and brush my lips over hers. I keep it soft for a while. This girl’s different. I gotta work her up slow. Gotta take my time with her and ease her into it.
    Her hands come up and slide into my hair. She moans and I deepen the kiss. She opens her mouth for me, inviting me in to claim that sweet mouth of hers.
    I pull the covers back and she whimpers and pulls her lips from mine. Her hands leave my hair and come up to cover her body.
    I know what she needs.
    I get under the covers with her, straddling her hips. And then I pull ‘em up over us.
    Her eyes sparkle at me, knowing I get it. She’s real self-conscious ‘bout her scars and it’s one of the main things holding her back. As much as I hate that she’s gotta be that way, cuz she’s so damn beautiful and those scars don’t do shit to take away from that, I gotta do what makes her comfortable here.
    “Thank you,” she breathes as I bury my face in her neck.
    “Whatever you need, darlin’,” I whisper, kissing my way down the side of her neck, along her collarbone and down to the top of her tits. I nudge her tank top down with my chin and take her left nipple into my mouth, sucking gently. I do the same with the right one and she throws her head back and gasps, “Yes.”
    I pull back and fix her top. I don’t try to take it off her, cuz I know that’ll have her shying away again. We’re gonna do this her

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