Biker Babe in Black

Biker Babe in Black by Debra Kayn

Book: Biker Babe in Black by Debra Kayn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Kayn
Tags: Romance, Contemporary
silly. Once my family gets to know you, they’ll fall in love with you too. I’m glad things worked out. I was afraid my being a virgin would scare you away.”
    “About that…how did someone like you, who is so affectionate and free-spirited, remain a virgin for so long?” He ran his hands down her hair.
    “I’m surprised you can’t guess. My parents only had one kid—me. The guys in the family took me under their wing and looked out for me. No one dared ask me out or look at me twice.” She laughed. “I caused them a load of grief over it growing up.”
    “What about the guys in the gang…? Didn’t they date you?” He twirled a lock of her hair around his fingers.
    “Oh, sure. I think they all tried. Every time one of them kissed me, though, we’d both end up laughing and spitting. I guess that’s what happens when you live with someone your whole life and try to change things. Now they’re my brothers, and I cherish each one of them for what they bring to my life.”
    “I know this sounds cliché, but I’m glad I was your first.” He kissed the top of her head.
    “Me too.” She purred. “When can we do it again?”
    “Tonight. Right now, I have to go to work, but you better believe that later I will have you again.” He hooked his finger under her chin and tilted her head. He kissed her, ran his tongue along her lips. “And again…and again.”
    Remy stood and tucked in his dress shirt. She kneeled on the bed and enjoyed how he turned on his professional side when needed.
    He walked over to the mirror above the dresser and ran his fingers through his hair. “You know, I’ve been thinking. How about we have a party here Saturday night?”
    “What is the party for, and what do I have to do?” Oh, God, not with the same people from last night’s party, please.
    She flung off the covers and got out of bed. With only her PJ bottoms on, she stood topless and scanned the room for the shirt Remy removed from her last night. Unable to find the rest of her clothes, she walked over to her room to get dressed.
    Glancing over her shoulder in the hallway, she wiggled her ass, knowing his gaze followed her. Disappointed he needed to go to work, she wished he could stay and spend the day making love.
    “I just want to invite my parents, Turner and his wife Abigail, AND a few people who I think you’d really like to meet.” Remy sat on Margie’s bed as she shimmied out her PJ bottoms and pulled on her jeans.
    “I want you to get to know them, and for them to know you.”
    “Will they like me for who I am?” She chewed the inside of her lip.
    “They’ll love you.”

Chapter Thirteen
    The week flew by in a bustle of excitement. Remy worked every day and took care of hiring the caterers and having the house professionally cleaned. He sent Margarine off to a day spa to have her hair and nails done; she also shopped for an outfit to wear. For the first time, she experienced the luxury of money. Remy spoiled her, and she enjoyed every minute of it.
    True to herself, she promised not to forget about her deep desire to earn enough money to buy her own house. In her head, she believed Remy and her goals remained two separate things—each attainable.
    She’d originally balked at the idea of a spa and Remy’s idea to hire help with the house. She wanted to keep her job, but Remy insisted she take a week off. In addition, it gave her more time to seduce Remy and spend more time with him. She talked him into not paying her for the week off, though.
    “Here, babe, have a glass of champagne.” He handed over the flute of bubbly. “I don’t know why you’re nervous. My family doesn’t bite. Besides, they’ll love you as much as I do.”
    She opened her mouth to thank him, but he pressed her finger to her lips.
    “Don’t say anything right now.” She stuck her tongue out and licked his finger. He groaned. “You minx.”
    The past week had zoomed by, and most days

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