Beyond Complicated

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Authors: Mercy Celeste
didn't know he was capable.
    And then I was tumbling backward into his bed with him close behind me. He straddled me grinning wildly. "Yeah, you didn't think I could do that, did you?
    Always the big guy. Wel, big guy, I've been wanting to do that for years." He rocked against me, his breath coming in short gasps as he leaned over me. "I want you inside me when I come. I want to feel your cock deep in me. I want you over me pressing me into the bed. I want you to make me yours again."
    I lay beneath him my senses spinning out of control. Want and greedy need centered where his body touched mine. The exquisite feel of his cock sliding against mine through layers of denim became the center of my world. The glazed look in his desert colored eyes. His voice. The way his breath caught and his words became a whisper. I arched beneath him, gliding with him. I shouldn't be here. I should leave now.
    I should—
    I puled him to me, tugging at his shirt until it was somewhere on the floor and then I kissed him.
    Realy kissed him. Ful mouth to mouth, fused together as if we were one being, kiss. His tongue touched mine.
    I sucked him deep into my mouth, nipped him with my teeth. Puled his hair, raked his back with my nails.
    Everything I knew to do to stop the pain coursing through my brain. I would not walk away this time. I could not lose him again.
    "I can't lose you," I said, somehow, not realy sure how because I don't remember coming up for breath. "Mine. You're mine. Tel me."
    "I'm yours. Jesus, Liam, I've always been yours.
    I was so lost without you." He tugged and grunted and maneuvered until he had my shirt off. I tucked my hands in the band of his jeans and moaned when I found skin.
    "So fucking lost."
    "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I should have stayed. We should have talked or yeled and screamed or something. God, I'm so close. Gonna come, baby, feels so good." I was out of my mind, so close I didn't know what I was saying. I just rocked with him and kissed him and let my heart bleed for him. And then with a growl he was off me. Cold air rushed over my heated skin making it prickle. His fingers worked the buttons on my jeans and jerked and tugged and wrestled the material until I was naked.
    "Damn, you might be more gorgeous than I remember. Your body, so hard. Al over. For an old man." He knelt between my legs rubbing his hands along my shins to my knees as he looked at me almost as if he'd never seen me before. "Men like you. Jesus, Liam, how is it you got prettier?"

    "You just aren't remembering correctly," I said.
    I mean what should I say? I've never thought that much of the way I look, besides fighting the battle with gravity, that is. I never did understand why photographers went crazy over me. "I'm just average.
    Okay, I wil admit that my ass is spectacular, but other than that I'm just average."
    He roled me over onto my side and moaned.
    "Shit, your ass has always been tight." He bit me quickly on one cheek and with a laugh he let me fal onto my back. I cocked a knee and watched as he devoured me with his eyes. "I'm average. Just like every other pretty blond al-American jock out there. The Abercrombie and Fitch catalog is filed with guys like me. But you're special. With those damned black eyes and that hair.
    Black glossy curls. Shit, I could nut just from looking at you."
    I placed my thumb at the base of my dick and forced it to stand out, "climb on and I'l make you nut." I grinned, loving the way his eyes roled back in his head.
    Yeah, I remember this. Flirting. Sex play. Whatever you wanted to cal it. Seth loved when I played. He would be whimpering before I ever touched him. "Love that tight sweet hole of yours. How you feel around me.
    The little quivers deep inside you that feel so nice. Love the sounds you make. The way your skin flushes when you lose control. I love filing you with cream. Then roling you over and—"
    "Mmm, dirty talk wil get you everything." The words came out as a moan. His hand cupped his

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