Betwixt, Before, Beyond

Betwixt, Before, Beyond by Melissa Pearl

Book: Betwixt, Before, Beyond by Melissa Pearl Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Pearl
    "You're not transferred yet and until you are, I want you to give it your best... then you can write until you're crossed eyed." She pats his shoulder.
    "Yes, ma'am." He salutes.
    She gives a little laugh then kisses his cheek before leaving.
    To be honest, I'm glad for the interruption. I don't want to have my question answered. I don't want to see that look on Dale's face again, because that look makes me want to melt.
    I sit up straight and shake the bangs out of my eyes.
    "So are you writing a book or a short story?" I ask brightly.
    Dale hesitates, obviously surprised by my abrupt mood change. Jumping up, he closes his door and comes back to his desk.
    "I'm going for a novel."
    "Why won't you let me read it?"
    He plops back down in his chair. "It's still the first draft. It needs some major work and I'm not really ready to share."
    I wrinkle my nose at him.
    Flicking the map book closed, he moves it to the side of his desk.
    "Listen, I better get my homework done. I'll go as fast as I can, then we can plan out a route for tomorrow."
    "Okay," I mumble and rest my chin in my hand. I watch him work with a confused little frown on his face. It's actually quite adorable. I turn away and peruse his desk then smile when Dale absentmindedly grabs a book off the top of his manuscript. I lean over it and start reading.
    It's good. I mean really good. By the end of paragraph four I like the main character and by the end of the page I have to know what he's going to do about the piece of armor he's just discovered.
    I grab at the page and try to flick it over. My fingers whistle through it. I hold in my irritated grunt and try again.
    I let out a sigh and resist the urge to ask Dale to do it for me. Like he'd say yes after specifically telling me not to read it. I glance sideways at him. He squints his eyes and frowns as he studies the text, jots down some more notes then types something into his computer.
    I look back at the manuscript and narrow my eyes.
    Rubbing my fingers together, I reach for the page. Determination courses through me as I push my finger onto the paper and flick. The page bounces up then flops back down.
    My mouth drops open.
    Licking my lips, I narrow my eyes and reach down again. I hold my breath as I use more force to flick the page across. It lifts up beautifully and falls down beside the manuscript. I can now see page two.
    I lean down to read it and become aware of Dale's frozen form beside me. His eyes are slitty as he glares at me. "Are you reading my manuscript?"
    "I just turned the page."
    "I told you not to read th—. Holy crap you did just turn the page." He sits forward. "Can you do it again?"
    I try again. It takes three attempts, but we both give out triumphant chuckles as it floats in the air and lands on the floor beside me.
    Dale nods with a grin.
    "Good to know. Now stop reading my stuff." He picks up the two fallen pages and neatly places them back on the pile.
    "Why not? It's good."
    He goes still and looks at me. "Really? You think it's good?"
    "Yeah. I like Matthias already and I really want to know the significance of the breastplate he's just found. What's the symbol on the front mean?"
    Dale's eyes glimmer with a smile. "I guess you'd have to read it to find out."
    "Duh. That's what I'm trying to do."
    A small chuckle spurts from his mouth. "Okay fine, but you have to turn your own pages."
    Grabbing up his pen, I watch him try, but fail to get back into Physics.
    I continue reading. It's slightly frustrating turning my own pages, but after five or six, I'm getting the hang of it.
    Dale watches me with a slight look of wonder. Every time a page flutters to the floor he shakes his head.
    "I wonder what else you can do?" He finally mutters, closing his Physics book and collecting up the pages I've dropped. "Here, try picking up my pen."
    I gaze at the object and try to collect it up, but it won't budge off the table.
    "Are you trying?"
    "Yes, but it's not working." I flick my

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