Beneath His Ink (Highway Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 3)

Beneath His Ink (Highway Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 3) by Sophia Hampton

Book: Beneath His Ink (Highway Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 3) by Sophia Hampton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophia Hampton
Reapers girl, you had no other choice: it was a job for life. Her devotion to the Reapers is about to be seriously questioned when she spots a mysterious stranger at one of the Reapers' parties. 

Their lives are about to change forever

Though both of them are fully aware of the consequence of their coming together, some temptations in life are too hard to ignore. A new connection will be forged--but only if Emma and Rafael can withstand their trial by fire.    
    BOOK 1 of the Broken Alpha trilogy
    Rose innocently believed her life was perfect

She had it all: a job she loved, a beautiful home, a fiancé who was prince charming himself, financial stability, and a caring family. Rose Greyback’s life was a dream, and nothing could wake her from it. 

Beckett is on the run and ready to take down anything in his way

Beckett Abruzzi was on the fast track to becoming Alpha of the infamous Adolfo Pack… until the once-defunct Del Diavolo Pack stages a violent uprising. Against all his instincts, he forces himself to lay low while he plans his revenge. But they’re not giving up so easily, and Beckett is running out of places to hide. 

The last thing they expected was to crash

Relying on a total stranger who couldn’t be more different than them was never in the plans. But sometimes, fate has a way of changing things for the better, even if it’s in the form of an unassuming bride-to-be unintentionally saving the life of one vengeful Alpha, who belated realizes she is much more than what she seemed to be…
    BOOK 1 of The Hardell Gang MC trilogy
    Chelsie knows everyone in Mountain Grove, and they know her.

It comes with owning the only bar within thirty miles. She’s in everybody’s business whether she wants to be or not - usually not, particularly with the violence that’s been taking hold of her town. She considered leaving once, but she couldn’t leave her bar behind. 

Special Agent Garrison is finally closing in on the remnants of Hardell’s gang.

Garrison has tracked the Hardell Gang to a backwater town. The only problem? Small towns don't trust outsiders, even when the alternative is a brutal motorcycle gang, and he's having a hard time piecing together everything he needs. 

He’s got to try.

When Garrison arrives at Chelsie’s bar looking for intel, Chelsie can’t get away fast enough. She’s seen what happens when people get involved in gang business and shows Garrison the door.. 

Chelsie never was a fan of cowardice.
    When her friend falls victim to the violence she agrees to guide Garrison, and in the process catches a glimpse of true bravery, a quality the town has been sorely lacking. But how can one man take on a whole gang? Is Chelsie falling for a man who is not long for this world? 
    BOOK 1 of the Love Ain’t Easy trilogy
    Shella Langston has done everything she can to leave the hood, but the hood won’t ever let her go.

Shella Langston has spent her entire life fighting hard for community conventions to help addicts and give them resources they need to combat their addiction. The only blemish in her otherwise perfect world is her junkie brother Shaun, who has a habit of making life difficult for Shella and whom Shella has done her best to keep out of both trouble and the public eye. 

Dr. Marius Rich is a drug addict counselor. Too handsome for his own good and a brilliant psychologist, he has been working closely with Shella to ensure that the best possible care reaches those who need it the most. 

Every time she’s around Marius, Shella finds herself in jitters and the cool calm persona she’s built crumbles at his touch. As Shella gets closer and closer to Marius, she is determined to keep her junkie brother a secret from him. 

But what she doesn’t know is that Marius has secrets of his own, and the biggest one of them all could destroy everything between them. 

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