Being Zolt

Being Zolt by D. L. Raver

Book: Being Zolt by D. L. Raver Read Free Book Online
Authors: D. L. Raver
    “Good,” I said in a half-moan as I carefully went to my knees in front of her. “Open your legs wide.”
    She did, and I took her bare pussy in my mouth. My tongue flicked over her clit in rapid succession, making her legs tense and her clit swell. I knew if I didn’t stop soon she’d come, so I suddenly quit my ministrations.
    “W-what? W-why?” she stammered with irritation as I got to my feet.
    “You come when I decide, Irelyn. Not before.” I licked the remnants of her off my lips and grinned wickedly at her.
    “Hush or I won’t let you come at all.”
    Irelyn glared at me, her lips pouty and defiant.
    I captured her bottom lip between my teeth, biting down gently then kissed the shit out of her.
    As we kissed, I pulled her out of the chair. She tried to push her body into mine, but her bound hands prevented the skin-to-skin contact.
    I let out a low chuckle when she moaned with frustration. When I nuzzled her neck, and teased one of her nipples, Irelyn’s frustration turned into a sigh of pleasure.
    I kept my lips on her, kissing my way down her neck, sucking on her shoulder. With her hand in mine, I walked us both around to the back of the chair.
    “Hold on to the chair, Irelyn!”
    She responded immediately as I moved to stand behind her—my front to her back.
    Pressing my body into hers, I licked a wet trail down her spine then blew on it.
    Irelyn squirmed and groaned. “Please, Zolt.”
    “Oh, I will. And trust me, this is going to be so worth it. When I do let you come, it will be the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had. Remember, don’t let go until I tell you.”
    I slipped my hand between her legs, finding her even wetter. Using her juices, I stroked my cock, readying myself to slide inside Irelyn from behind.
    “Take a step back and widen your stance.”
    When she was in the perfect position, I spanked her ass again. “Good. Mmm, I do love how pink your ass gets.”
    Holy shit, I was skirting the edge of my control, and I didn’t know if I could be inside her and hold myself back.
    Once I was at the correct angle, I slid into her from behind, pulling her hips to me, burying myself deep inside her.
    Fuck, it felt good—almost too good.
    “Don’t let go, Irelyn. And don’t you dare come,” I commanded as I began to move.
    With each thrust deep, she pushed back. We continued this maddening pace until my impending orgasm bared demandingly down on me. I pulled out of her and replaced my cock with my fingers, my thumb gliding over her clit.
    Over and over, I toyed with us both, taking us to the brink of ecstasy and pulling us back. Whimpers of our denied need rent the night.
    “I. Want. To. Come,” Irelyn begged.
    “Me, too,” I growled and bit her neck. When she groaned and pushed back against me, I gave in to our needs.
    “Let go of the chair and straddle me,” I said as I moved around the chair and sat.
    Irelyn moved in front of me in a flash.
    I grabbed her hands, loosened the knot of the tie and unbound them. “Straddle me,” I groaned.
    She did, impaling herself on my throbbing cock.
    “Ooh,” she cried. Her eyes rolled back as she tilted her head, letting her blonde mane cascade down her back. With her hands on my shoulders, she dug in her nails.
    It hurt, but I didn’t care. My cock jerked inside her, and I started to move with a singular purpose—my hands clutching her hips, guiding them up and down. As much as I wanted this to last forever, we were both at the breaking point. I took hold of her hair and pulled her mouth to mine, kissing her brutally.
    “Come, Irelyn,” I ground out through my gritted teeth, holding back my own release until hers began.
    We both cried out a second later, speaking the crazy-sex language unique to us. Her body quivered and her muscles squeezed me from within, drawing out my climax until I wondered if it would ever stop.
    Hands down, it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. I clutched Irelyn to me, pressing

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