[Bayou Gavotte 03.0] Heart of Constantine

[Bayou Gavotte 03.0] Heart of Constantine by Barbara Monajem

Book: [Bayou Gavotte 03.0] Heart of Constantine by Barbara Monajem Read Free Book Online
Authors: Barbara Monajem
and have you removed.”
    “But that scene up on the mound makes so much sense now,” Nathan whined. “It was a great promo move on Constantine’s part.”
    She had to get into the house before she blew. “Give me my keys,” she growled at Constantine.
    “Go away, Nathan.” Constantine’s aura flickered dangerously, but his demeanor remained completely calm.
    Nathan gave a gusty, obnoxious sigh. “You’re so bloody cold. Poor Marguerite didn’t realize having sex with you meant her daddy’s sins would be dredged up all over again.”
    “Why should I care? He’s dead, and it’s old news,” Marguerite said, proud that her voice didn’t tremble one bit, but her fingers shook as she stuck the key in the lock. She shouldn’t be this upset. This was exactly what she’d expected. Lawless crowded up next to her, getting in the way.
    “If I were you, I wouldn’t even let this dude into your house,” Nathan said. “He’s not what he seems.”
are exactly what you seem,” Marguerite said, “I know better than to heed anything you say. Besides, I know precisely what Constantine is—he’s
.” And if he touched her, she had no idea what she would do.
    Nathan tsked. “Such a pretty girl you are, and so bright and well educated, and yet you’re completely under Constantine’s thumb. I quite like you, Marguerite. I’d much rather report your safe escape than your unfortunate demise at the hands of this murderer.”
    “Last chance, babe,” Constantine said, amusement in his tone.
You can still change your mind
, said his voice in her head, not laughing at all. Aloud, he added cheerfully, “Better run while you can.”
    Oh, no, you don’t
, thought Marguerite. This was a dangerous game, but anger trumped all. “I’d much rather let you catch me,” she said coyly and felt like throwing up.
    “Ooh,” Nathan said, eyes wide, big grin. She took a deep breath. She would
allow him to get to her.
    Constantine put a warm hand on her shoulder. “Come on, babe. Let’s go shower and have some fun.”
    An image of herself and Constantine, wet and naked, slid into her mind, and Marguerite shivered in spite of herself. Had that image come from him, or was it her own? His image, she thought, but it fit naturally, perfectly in her mind. She had never been so receptive to sexual suggestion before.
    “Beat it, Nathan,” Constantine said. “Or else.”
    “Yikes!” Nathan took off down the sidewalk. “When Constantine says, ‘or else,’ it pays to obey.” The kids and neighbors continued to gawk. Nathan got into his pricey little car and zoomed away.
    Finally, Marguerite got the blasted door open.

    Constantine pushed her gently inside. Lawless shoved in after her and slumped to the floor again. Constantine removed the key from the lock and shut the door. He rested the bag of dog food against the wall.
    “Oh, no!” Marguerite said, barely above a whisper. A boom box stood to one side of the door, and the DVD player had been unhooked and half pulled off its shelf. Books and CDs were all over the floor. She set the grocery bags down.
    “There’s no one in here,” Constantine said. “I already checked.” Seeing all those music CDs strewn around hurt just as much now as a half hour earlier when he’d checked out the house. He would replace anything that was damaged—if she let him. She wouldn’t have let him in the house if he’d given her a choice. He got out his cell and texted Gideon O’Toole.
    “Oh my God.” She picked her way through the debris on the floor.
    “Sorry about delaying you, but Nathan didn’t need to see this. The kitchen is a mess.”
    She headed straight there without a word and gaped at the smashed canister and flour all over the floor. “What could someone possibly want to steal from the kitchen?”
    “Nothing,” Constantine said. “I think your dog came indoors and surprised whoever it was, and the intruder threw the canister at him. He has one

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