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Authors: N Kuhn
when you’re drinking soda, but you being drunk, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect conquest for tonight. That ones on the house, since I’m not even open yet.”
    He laughs again, shaking his head, and I turn my back to him.
    “Is that what you really think of me? That I pick up all these chicks and take them home with me? Wow, I must be like, a sex God or something in your eyes.”
    His laughter reverberates through me, and I feel my skin go all goose bumpy. Refusing to turn around and let him see how jealous I feel, I just continue stocking the cooler. Why the hell am I even jealous? It’s not like he would ever consider me, and once again, I have to remind myself that it’s ok, because I don’t want a player. Maybe I can beat the thought into my head.
    “Chasity,” he shouts, pulling me from my self-berating inner dialogue. I jump, and my head bounces off the cooler door. Rubbing the bump with my hand, I turn, looking at him, pain covering my face.
    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, is your head okay?”
    The concern in his voice is sexy too. What the hell is wrong with me?
    “No, it’s not okay, but maybe that just knocked some sense into me. What do you need?”
    “Nothing, you just, were in your own zone, I don’t think you heard what I was saying.”
    “I’m trying to work Bry, what’s up? What were you saying?”
    It was unintentional, coming off so nasty sounding to him. My head throbs and I feel a bump forming. I can’t tell if it’s hurt, boredom or just that he doesn’t care, but something registers in his eyes, making them darker and for an instant, I’m worried I just pissed him off.
    “Look, Bry, I’m sorry, really I am. Kate didn’t stock a single cooler last night, and now I have to do it before opening and then again when I close. Give me a bit, and then we can talk, okay?”
“Let me help you, I can carry up the cases. I know where they are.”
    Shrugging my shoulders, I motion to the list I had sitting on the bar.
    “Knock yourself out.”
    Watching him walk away, I can’t help but notice the way the denim jeans he has on hug every curve of his masculine hips, and shows off that amazing ass. I wish I could just wrap my legs around those hips and squeeze that ass all night. What the hell. For a virgin, I sure do have a dirty mind. But when it comes to Bryan, I always feel dangerous, dirty for wanting the player. Dumb too, for thinking about him in ways that I have no experience with outside of books. What would he want with little old me, when he can have a hot chick, ready to jump into his pants, who actually knows what she’s doing? Turning back to my task at hand, I try to focus on putting the bottles in the cooler. Hearing him walk up behind me, I turn my head and catch the way his biceps flex as he carries the cases of beer. Yes, multiple cases at once where as I have to do them one at a time. I sigh to myself. The material of his black t-shirt hugs his body as if painted on and the anchor tattoo on his forearm strains as the muscles tighten. Images of me running my hands and tongue over those muscles and more flash through my mind.
    “You ok Chasity?”
    His warm honey thick voice tugs at my consciousness, pulling me from my daydreams. Slowly I look up and realize that my hand is midair between the cooler and case, with beers between my fingers, staring at him. His smile grows, and he gets a sly twinkle in his eyes and it’s absolutely soaking my panties. Damn it, why didn’t I just go commando like normal? Maybe I should just get over myself and take from him what I want. He at least knows what he’s doing. Maybe my first time wouldn’t be so lame then.
    “ Thanks,” I say as he shrugs nonchalantly.
    Bending over next to me, he begins emptying the cases into the coolers. Working side by side silently, we have all the coolers filled in ten minutes. In about twenty more, customers will slowly begin drifting in, the start of what should be

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