Bar Tricks

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Authors: N Kuhn
a busy night tonight. With the concert down the street, I know we’ll get a good crowd before and after the show. Thankfully Tommy will be in later to help out if I need him. When he’s not at the door, he jumps behind the bar, letting one of the other security guards check ids. Stacking the empty beer cases, I pile them by the door to the kitchen. As the boxes of empties fill, I’ll be needing these ones anyways. It’s much easier to keep them handy. Bryan returns to his seat on the opposite side of the bar, smiling at me as he brings his beer bottle up to his lips. For some reason, I can’t pull my eyes away. The way they rest on top of the bottle and his tongue darts out, catching a stray drop of the amber liquid. As I hear him laugh, I realize I’ve was licking my own lips.
    “You ok Chasity?”
    “Fuck me. Please.”
    Oh God, what did I just say? No, no, no, no, no!  Feeling my face flame with embarrassment, I turn around, counting out the money that goes into my drawer. Expecting to hear him double over with laughter, I close my eyes, willing the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Not hearing anything, I turn, looking over my shoulder at him. There’s a fierceness in the look he gives me. Something predatory and sexy at the same time. My legs shake, my knees barely holding me up.
    “Ju-just, forget it. Sorry. I’m just out of it. Haven’t slept much, and Kate screwed with me today. Sorry.”
    Turning back to count the money, I don’t even hear him come around the side of the bar. His strong muscular arms circle me, pinning me against the counter and the register. The bills fall from my hands. I can feel his hard body pressed against my back, his cock already straining in his pants. Pressing his hips into my ass, shivers run through my body.
    “Right here? Or do you want to go in back?” he whispers in my ear.
    A sigh that sounds more like a moan escapes from my lips. Licking them again, I still taste some of the cherry lip gloss I had on, but if I keep this up, they will be dryer than the desert pretty soon. The things this man can make me think. Oh my god.
    “I was joking,” I stutter , trying to save some of my dignity.
“No you weren’t. You want me as much as I want you. And I know damn well, that you’re all I’ve wanted for a long, long time Chasity. Why do you think I sit here all night, drinking soda after soda? Not for the atmosphere. It’s for you. You’ve been stuck in my head since the first time I ever stepped foot into this place. The music sucks. There’s never anyone cool here. But, it has you.”
    Finding my courage, I turn, pushing him off of me. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I’m fuming now .
    “Yea right, what a fucked up way you have of showing that! You take home blonde bimbos all night, groups of them, not just one! You’re the biggest player I’ve ever seen in this place. Don’t give me that line bullshit. I can’t believe you think I would fall for something that sleazy.”
    He laughs again, this time almost losing his footing as he turns to find something to lean on.
    “Oh my god Chasity. You think I take those girls home with me?”
    “Or you go to their place. What business is it of mine?”
    I stoop down, picking up the money I dropped on the floor, depositing it into the register. Slamming it closed, I turn to push him out from behind the bar. The second my hands hit his chest, I feel like I’ve leaned on a rock wall. The hard lines of him feel ridged, and I don’t even realize I’m stroking his chest, until his large hand wraps around my fingers, holding them in place .
    “Chasity. I work for Designated Drivers Unlimited. We get paid to sit in bars all night, hand out our cards and drive drunk people home safely. All those girls, and guys, yes guys too, have been work. I’ve made sure they get home safe and you don’t get in trouble for getting them wasted and letting them drive. I’m supposed to go around to more

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