Baby Fever (A Real Man Book 3)

Baby Fever (A Real Man Book 3) by Jenika Snow

Book: Baby Fever (A Real Man Book 3) by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenika Snow

    I had a severe case of baby fever going on, and I knew exactly which woman I wanted to help me get what I needed.
    Fucking Eva with her lush curves and hips that are wide and meant to carry my child. I could come just looking at her.
    All I could think about was breeding with her, filling her with my spunk, and making her mine.
    And she would be mine.
    I nearly groaned at the thought of having her, of her being mine.
    I’d known her for years, but she was too good for me, too sweet.
    But I was also too fucking selfish to let her get away.
    I had a reputation for getting into trouble and starting fights with assholes that looked at me the wrong way.
    What I didn’t have a reputation for was being a womanizer. I was picky as fuck with the females I let into my bed. But they were also empty fucks, a night of release because I was wound up.
    What I wanted with Eva was more than just a few hours between the sheets, but I didn’t even know if she’d give me the time of day.
    She never had before, and a part of me wanted her even more because of it. My bad boy reputation didn’t make her a clinger, and she sure as fuck didn’t present herself to me like an animal in heat.
    Yeah, she would be mine.
    I reached down and adjusted my cock. It was rock hard and pressed against the zipper of my jeans.
    I focused on Eva again, watching her get the drink order from the bar, and then she made her way toward the table. The bar I was in, and the one she worked at, was the only decent hangout place in this town. But I didn’t give a shit about hanging out or getting drunk. I came here to see her.
    I finished off the last of my beer, set the bottle aside, and didn’t care if I was being obvious in checking out Eva.
    “Another one?” Jarren, the owner of the bar and a good friend, asked as he took the empty beer bottle off the table.
    “Nah, I’m good,” I said, my focus still on Eva. “Wait,” I ended up saying to Jarren. “Yeah, I’ll take another.” It would give me an excuse to loiter here and check out Eva. I also needed to figure out how in the hell I was going to make her mine.
    If Eva knew what I was thinking right now, how I wanted to lift up that skirt of hers, pull her panties aside, and plunge my dick in her, she’d probably think I was a sick fuck. But hell, I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to go raw inside her, fill her with my cum, and put my baby in her belly.
    I wanted to breed with her like I was some kind of fucking animal. I wanted her to grow big with my child, and just thinking about getting her pregnant made me hard.
    I was so damn hard.
    I was ready to settle down with the one woman I’d never gone after for fear of shit getting weird between her brother and me. But fuck that. I was older and knew what I wanted. I wanted Eva as mine.
    Only mine.

    * * *

    I could feel his eyes on me. It was like fingers skating down my spine. To say I was affected was an understatement.
    I wanted Dex. I always have.
    To say I didn’t get wet because of his bad boy attitude, his hard demeanor, or the fact I knew he liked to skate with trouble back in the day, would have been a bold faced lie.
    He’d been a friend of my brother, Charlie, for years. I didn’t think Charlie would give a shit if I had something going on with his friend, but Dex has never really seen me as anything more than Charlie’s little sister. At least, I never felt like he did.
    Although for a while now, I’d seen the way he watched me: with this intensity in his eyes that set me on edge and made me question my good intentions.
    What good intentions? You’ve wanted Dex to fuck you for so long you can’t even be next to him without getting wet.
    “Hey, you with us or what, Sugar?” Jarren asked.
    I glanced at my boss, trying to clear my head. “I’m fine,” I said and cleared my throat.
    “Well, you want to take this beer over to Dex?”
    I licked my lips and nodded. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end,

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