[Atlantean's Quest 05] Atlantean Heat

[Atlantean's Quest 05] Atlantean Heat by Jordan Summers

Book: [Atlantean's Quest 05] Atlantean Heat by Jordan Summers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Summers
    Cassandra stared out the small viewing hole, watching stars and distant galaxies go by. The blackness
    was comforting, like a favorite outfit or a baby’s toy. She’d longed for this moment since the day her
    people had left Earth.
    Unlike the majority of the Atlantean people, Cassandra had wanted to explore outside of their jungle
    borders, experience the rest of what Earth had to offer. After meeting Queen Rachel, she’d become
    positively fascinated by humans. If her queen was indicative of a human female, what were the males
    like? Cassandra knew they couldn’t all be molded in the form of the professor.
    She would have left her people long ago if it hadn’t been for the fact that Atlantean warriors watched
    Atlantean women like hungry raptors protecting their kill, not allowing them to wander too far out of their
    sight. Cassandra understood the reasons, but knowing this hadn’t curbed her wanderlust.
    The stars twinkled like the fireflies that used to swarm in the balmy jungle. She pressed her hand against
    the tiny window, remembering the simple joy she’d gotten from chasing the glowing bugs around,
    capturing them, only to release them once again.
    Cassandra glanced at the amazing looking warrior beside her. Orion was one of the few she hadn’t
    dallied with. Out of sheer boredom, she’d chosen to share company with several of the warriors on
    Zaron. They’d served their purpose at the time. Perhaps if the trip was long enough and they got
    She quickly dismissed the thought.
    She’d heard rumors about the striking warrior, some of which had certainly piqued her curiosity, but not
    enough to act on it. He was, after all, an Atlantean warrior, first and foremost. Moreover, Orion was not
    her true-mate which, from the looks of his body, was a pity. Her gaze caressed his muscled form,
    focusing on the impressive bulge filling his pants.
    As if sensing her gaze on him, Orion turned. The impact of his dual-colored eyes, one jade and one aqua,
    knowingly assessing her told Cassandra without words he’d read her thoughts. Don’t worry . He smiled.
    I’m not interested in you either, and I think I can contain my boredom until we reach Earth. Mirth
    simmered in his voice.
    Cassandra laughed. His candor was refreshing. It was just a thought, not a proposition. I’m looking for
    And you think you’ll find it in an Earthling?
    Orion flicked switches, transferring fuel into their reserve tanks. Where is it you wish me to take you
    once we reach the planet?
    I’ve longed to see the ocean again. Cassandra sighed, picturing the blue-green water with its white
    foamy crests, gently lapping at a sandy shore. Queen Rachel has told me I might enjoy a place called
    California .
    Orion frowned and punched another button, bringing up holographic maps of planet Earth. Where did
    she say this place is located?
    The same piece of land you need to be on to find Brigit. Cassandra stared at the swirling map, her
    eyes widening as she saw how close the water was to this California place. If she reached out she could
    almost touch the wetness, feel the refreshing spray on her face. She resisted the urge to touch the spot on
    the map that held so many possibilities for her.
    What do the glowing lights represent on the map?
    Colonies. He pointed to a spot on the east coast of the North American continent. The brighter the
    light, the more populated the area.
    Cassandra stared entranced as the colonies lit up like the stars, each one glowing brighter than the next.
    One stood out, far outshining the rest. I want you to take me there.
    Orion glanced, then pressed a button to draw closer to the spot she’d pointed to. The place you wish to
    visit is called Los Angel es .
    Cassandra smiled. “Los Angeles,” she murmured aloud, testing the name on her tongue. The words
    rolled off, easing past her lips like a gentle kiss. Her skin prickled, leaving gooseflesh behind. This

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