Trapped in a job working as an assistant for an ambassador, Ceelie is hoping for something better for her life, but she knows that it isn’t likely.
    While on an assignment to obtain some atmosphere scrubbing trees Ceelie finds herself courted and seduced before she can blink.
    Rimeer is the avatar of the green and life giving world and he is in need of a companion.
    Ceelie can’t bring herself to deny any of his needs and when the planet joins them, she finds out that being part of a ménage can include three minds seeking pleasure as one.

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    ISBN: 978-1-77111-125-6
    Cover art by Martine Jardin
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    A Terran Times Tale
    Viola Grace

    Chapter One
    Filling people with awe was a charming skill for an entertainer, but it really was not very helpful in a personal assistant to an ambassador. Ceelie Orlie was resigned to a life of following the Tival Ambassador around and trying to keep him calm and organized. Her talent would remain unused and unwanted.
    Her assignment today was not only to deliver Ambassador Keeln to the wild planet of Hassoi, but also to assist in gaining trust from the locals.
    “Ceelie, when will we land?”
    Ceelie jumped but kept her hand on the controls. “We will be down within the hour, Ambassador.”
    Ambassador Keeln was his normal charming self today. He was well groomed, as always, but his fairly pleasant features were marked by his scowl. “Be a little more precise with the landing this time, Ceelie. I was a little shaken up by the last drop to the surface.”
    She nodded. “Yes, Ambassador.”
    Ceelie verified the beacon that the Hassoi had set out for them and followed it down. They were a relatively unknown species, but they had some of the best plants and trees for world forming that had ever been discovered. If you had a planet that you wanted to fill with green, oxygen-producing life, you dealt with the Hassoi.
    Trees of the Hassoi adapted to every environment they were placed in and did not spread beyond their original placement. They stayed put and simply grew into perfect oxygen farms.
    The Tival had located a suitable dead world to remake and they had balanced the initial environment but were now working on populating it with flora and fauna. Ceelie was along for the ride as Keeln wandered from planet to planet, collecting items and agreements for supplies.
    Ceelie smiled at the bright life that she saw when she looked at Hassoi. It was green, growing and inviting, reminding her of the lush jungles of her home. Terra had never seemed further away than when she looked at Keeln, but it seemed just around the corner as she eyed the jungles and open fields.
    Life with Keeln was depressing on most days. He was either hitting on her or ignoring her, but every now and then, she saw a place like this and it was a gemstone in her mind, a bright place to look at and smile about.
    She placed Hassoi in a special

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