ARRESTED: A Stepbrother Cop Romance

ARRESTED: A Stepbrother Cop Romance by Stephanie Brother

Book: ARRESTED: A Stepbrother Cop Romance by Stephanie Brother Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Brother
neck and over my
shoulder. It feels so tender yet strangely ominous. I have no idea what he’s
thinking or feeling. He puts his mouth close to my ear, hot breath gusting. I
think he’s going to kiss me there, but he murmurs words of reassurance instead.
“Any time you feel uncomfortable, just call me ‘officer’ and I’ll stop.”
    I nod and exhale loudly. He’s safe, is all I can
think. Ninety-nine percent of me knew, but I’ve learned not to trust my gut
instincts over the past few months.
    "Turn around."
    I obey his gruff command and take a second to glance
up at him. The lust raging in his eyes is so potent I feel as though I can’t
breathe. There are words that are poised on the tip of my tongue, words that I
think will add to the scene we're playing. He told me he knew what I needed, so
I think I know what he’d want me to say and how he’d want me to act.
    Like the dirty girl I am, in need of his punishment.
    "Don't do this," I say biting my lip.
    Desire flashes across his face as he descends on me.
His lips clasp mine in a heated kiss, hungrier and more devouring than any
we've shared so far. His tongue slips inside my mouth and strokes, pulling
shivers through my body. It’s like a jolt of pure electricity surges from every
point that is in contact with him, directly to my clit.
    The need I feel is so powerful; to be filled, to be
owned, to give over my trust to someone in the hope that they will respect and
treasure it. Underneath it all is the visceral need to feel his utter surrender
to the pleasure I can give him. I want to see this strong man break apart.
    He draws away, clutching me around the jaw. I moan in
despair wanting those lips on mine again. His gaze rakes over my body seemingly
seeing my t-shirt and shorts for the first time. He yanks the top over my head
and pulls it down until it rests above the handcuffs. The knot of fabric
tickles my back but I force that sensation away as he unsnaps my strapless bra
and lets it drop to my feet.
    I want to snuggle closer to him, breathe in his scent
and feel his warmth, but that isn’t what this scene is about. When he bends his
head I take a step back.
    My voice sounds tiny in the quiet of the room.
"No, don't do this."
    Cory’s eyes blaze, but a grin appears on his lips. His
gaze is so hungry on my tits that it’s almost like a physical touch. My nipples
grow harder in the coolness of the room, drawing tighter in anticipation of the
first sensation of his hand or mouth on them. He raises a hand and I expect him
to cup my whole breast, but he doesn’t. Instead, he rests the tip of one finger
against my pointed nipple and presses hard.
    Oh, god, it feels so good I almost fall to my knees.
    Cory grabs my upper arm and holds me firmly while he
bends to suckle hard. I want to hold him to my breast, run my fingers through
his gorgeous, soft, dirty-blond hair, but I can’t.   The cuffs clank behind me as I tug with
    If he pulls away I can't stop him.
    I'm at his mercy.
    A sizzling sensation races through me again. I can
feel my pulse throbbing in my neck, behind my breast and in the tips of my
fingers. With every suckle, my pussy clenches. His tongue is so rough against
my sensitive skin that it almost hurts. I exist, in that moment, on the line
between pleasure and pain, and my mind empties of everything else.
    He pulls away from me, his eyes on the nipple he has
sucked almost raw, then he twists it cruelly. It should feel bad. I know it
should, but I don’t seem to be built like other people. All I feel is
desperation for more. Anything that he will give me, I want, even if it hurts.
    "You love this,” he says gruffly. “You want
    Imperceptibly I nod but I say, "No. Please
    He doesn’t.
    I haven’t called him ‘officer’.   I haven’t used the word he gave me that would
give me the freedom to end this whenever I want it to.
    Instead, he tucks a finger underneath the waistband of
my shorts. He hooks my panties as well

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