Any Way You Want It

Any Way You Want It by Maureen Smith Page B

Book: Any Way You Want It by Maureen Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maureen Smith
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
still shaking from the aftershocks when he lifted her from the chair and sat down with her legs straddling his lap. His nostrils were flared, his lips glistening with her juices.
    He pulled her dress up and over her head and tossed it aside. When the cool air hit her skin, she shivered.
    He stared at her breasts spilling over the lacy cups of her black bra. Her pulse pounded as she watched him unhook the front clasp and slide the scrap of lingerie from her body.
    Murmuring with husky appreciation, he lowered his head and closed his mouth over one breast. She gasped, her nipples elongating into tight, aching points as he suckled her. She closed her eyes and arched her head back as he cupped her breast and lifted it higher, deeper into his hungry mouth.
    She shuddered, the hot stroke of his tongue sending jolts of pleasure to her womb. His mouth moved from one tit to the other, leaving her nipples wet and throbbing for more.
    She ground against his thick erection, the soft cloth of his pants rasping against her clit and the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. He raised his head from her breasts and took her mouth, kissing her deeply and ravenously. Sucking his tongue, she reached down and began unbuttoning his shirt. She got only halfway before impatience made her yank the rest open, popping and scattering buttons across the floor.
    “Sorry,” she breathed against his mouth, ripping the shirt off his broad shoulders. “I’ll buy you another one.”
    His low chuckle dissolved into a groan as she flicked her tongue against a flat, dark nipple that instantly hardened. She licked his other nipple, then kissed her way down his muscular torso as he quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Rising from his lap, she knelt between his legs and tugged his pants and briefs down to his ankles.
    As his heavy shaft jutted free, saliva pooled in her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the thick base and leaned down, stroking her tongue over the plump head.
    Remy jerked and swore hoarsely as pearly beads of precum leaked out. She lapped at the wetness like candy, then opened wide and took his engorged length down her throat. He growled with pleasure, his dick impossibly thickening inside her mouth.
    She breathed deep, inhaling his heady masculine scent. And then she relaxed her jaw and began sucking him, hollowing out her cheeks to intensify the suction.
    “Zandra,” he groaned, shoving his hands into her hair. “Ah, fuck, that feels good.”
    She glanced up his body to meet his eyes, trembling at the raw hunger she saw in his gaze.
    She took his shaft deeper, scraping her teeth along the edges just enough to make him shudder and moan at the resulting sensation. His fingers bit into her scalp as she sucked him harder, her hand massaging his swollen balls until they tightened to bursting.
    Remy thrust his hips forward, fucking her mouth as saliva and precum dripped from the corners.
    Suddenly he tensed and fisted his cock, pumping his hot seed down the back of her throat. Zandra swallowed every drop, savoring his clean, salty taste.
    Gasping for breath, Remy closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair.
    Pulse racing, clit throbbing, Zandra rose from her knees and climbed back into his lap. She knew it wouldn’t take him long to regroup. The man possessed the kind of stamina that belonged in a world record book.
    Straddling his thighs, she licked his goateed chin and rubbed her drenched cleft against the short, springy curls covering his groin.
    Sure enough, his cock swelled and sprang to attention.
    Her heart thundered as he lifted his head and met her hungry gaze. He smiled seductively and licked at her lips, then grasped her hips and impaled her on his hard shaft.
    Her breath hissed out of her as her muscles clenched tightly around him, making him groan. She bit her lip and gripped his shoulders as he began rocking inside her. Slowly, languorously. Taking his time.
    She stared into his eyes in dazed

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