Book: ANGEL'S WRATH by SK (SIN CITY HEAT) by K. S. Read Free Book Online
Authors: K. S.
"You remember Nicole Randolph? Her family lived several houses down."
            Dominick's mind worked furiously. The name was familiar, but...
            "Wait. Weren't you friends with her brother? What was his name, Jake, Jacob...?”
            "Jacoby. Jacoby Randolph, yeah we were friends."
            "That's right, Jacoby! He got killed some time back."
            "Yeah." Jacoby had always been careless and talked about his business too much. Angel tried to tell him about it, but Jacoby was one of those people who thought they knew everything and was always right. One day, he spouted off to the wrong one and was killed on the spot.
            "I remember now. Nikki, right?" Dom paused as he put two and two together. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me you...and Nikki ...? Git tha fuck outta here!"        
            Angel had been swiveling in his office chair from side to side, but came to an abrupt stop and frowned when he heard the disbelief in Dominick's voice. "And what is that supposed to mean?"
            "Angel, come on, man! I remember Nikki being a quiet, sweet girl, super smart. A good girl, bruh! When me, Marcus, and Darrell came by your place last year to get help with that Rochelle crap, the women lounging in the pool and draped around you were like exotic show pieces. They were anything but good girls! I mean, Nikki ? I just can't see it. Nikki is wifey material, the kind you take home to mama. Let's face it, that ain't your usual type, nah mean?"
            "Maybe my 'type' has changed, 'nah mean'?" Angel said mockingly, smiling in amusement at the stunned silence on Dominick's end. "Anyway, you'll see her tomorrow. Talk to you later."

            The next morning, heads turned as the pair of tall, handsome men strode through the corridor of the main floor in the DWC building as if they owned it. By the time Angel and Dominick left today, technically they would.  
        Matt trailed behind them, speaking furiously into his cell phone, making arrangements to set things into motion after the meeting was over with. He snapped his phone shut and stood behind Angel and Dominick as they waited on the elevator.
        “Everything’s been taken care of Angel.”
        Angel nodded then stepped into the elevator. He and Dominick were silent on the ride up to the office of the CEO. Although their complexions were shades apart, the resemblance between them was strong. Both men were tall with fit, muscled physiques. Strong, square jawlines, ridiculously sensual lips, and a confident swagger demanded attention and sent a silent warning that they were down for whatever if someone stepped to them.
            When the doors opened, Nikki was standing there waiting on them.
        “Hi, baby.” Angel leaned down to kiss her. “Where are they?”
        “Waiting in the conference room.” She turned to Dominick. “Dom, hi. It’s been a long time.” Nikki offered her hand to him. They had spoken briefly this morning when he called the condo for Angel.
          After Dom talked to Angel last night, he'd thought about what his brother told him. Nikki was a year or two older than him, but they'd been in some of the same gifted programs in school because Dominick had been allowed to skip a couple of grades. No matter how much he tried, he found it hard to reconcile the quiet, pretty young woman he used to be acquainted with, involved with his arrogantly, strong willed brother. As Dom told Angel last night, Nikki wasn't really his type, not to mention they were from two completely different worlds. However, seeing the way his brother’s face softened as he looked at Nikki now made Dominick doubt his earlier assumptions. Hmm. He'd have to tell Keisha she was right.
            Smiling, he ignored Nikki's outstretched hand and pulled her to him to give her a hug. “It’s good to see you, Nikki.”

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