Anarchist Book 5: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 5

Anarchist Book 5: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 5 by Jordan Silver

Book: Anarchist Book 5: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 5 by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Silver
Chapter 1
    “You want me to do what? Get off of me.” I heard the screeching from my office in the back of the club.
    Sounded like that damn annoying female; she’s the only pain in the ass I know that could make that racket.
    The only peace I’ve gotten in the last week and a half or so is when I was hiding out in my office. I’d thought that with Royce out of the way all of my troubles would be over, but I hadn’t counted on her.
    We shared the same house every night, but for some reason, I never gave it much thought until that first night after the attack.
    After the party that I’d expressly forbade her to have was over, we’d walked over together.
    She found it necessary to wrap my arm around her shoulders without my permission and when I tried to pull away she sulked until she got her way.
    Then she got all pissy when I wouldn’t share any of the night’s details with her and I had to listen to a lecture on how a husband and wife were supposed to share everything.
    She didn’t take too kindly to me pointing out that she wouldn’t know fuck all about what a husband and wife were supposed to do, because her only examples were her fucked up parents.
    I think that’s when I got my first look at the real Dana Sue. She sure could do annoyed like a pro. Too bad for her I don’t give into female whims. She’d get over it.
    After that night she seemed to have forgiven me, because the next day I woke up to breakfast and a smile. Like I trusted that shit.
    After that I tried to avoid her as much as possible, but if she missed me during the day, there was no escaping her at night.
    No matter what time I made it home, she was waiting up for me, and she always had a fuck of a lot to say.
    Thankfully I had a lot on my plate and it kept me occupied. The sheriff was gearing up to come after me, but he was afraid of showing his hand too soon, he had no idea what my next move was going to be.
    Travis was frothing at the mouth because Junior was still MIA, and then we had the whole Brandon fiasco that was just waiting to explode in our faces. I had no doubt there was going to be backlash from that, but it was early days yet.
    My job now was securing things, making sure there was no fall out from the hit. I’d covered my tracks as well as possible, though I’m pretty sure most people knew what had happened the second they heard the news.
    What they suspected and what they could prove were two different things though, and I could give a fuck what the fuck anyone thought.
    I left the room in back with a sigh and went to see what my little darling was up to.
    There was a reason I’d been hiding from her these last couple of days. I’m afraid I had landed myself in a whole heap of shit. She was starting to grow on me, and that was no good for anybody.
    I turned the corner and felt it again. So it wasn’t a fluke, fuck. I didn’t let the sick panic stop me in my tracks this time, but kept moving forward.
    I felt it for the first time the third morning we’d woken up under the same roof, that quick jolt, like a shock to the system.
    She’d been in the kitchen humming as she made me breakfast. Her hair had been loose around her shoulders. Her lips were soft and pink, and the early morning sun highlighted her hair whenever she passed by the window.
    I’d stopped in the doorway and watched her, don’t know why I did that, but it just seemed like the thing to do, almost as if the moment was too precious to interrupt.
    When she felt me there looking at her, she’d looked over her shoulder and given me a smile that went into me, and squeezed the shit out of my heart. I actually felt the pressure there.
    Since I’d never experienced anything like it before, it took me a minute to realize what the fuck was going on with me.
    To say I was not amused is putting that shit lightly. I have no use for a wife in my life right now, and especially not one that was so young and green as a stump.
    My life wasn’t heading in the

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