An Anthology of Forbidden Erotica: 28 Depraved Tales
fingers. She found herself inadvertently becoming even more aroused, as her breasts and nipples have always been very sensitive, and it was clear to her that Tom was enjoying the show as his breathing and stroking became harder.

“Oh god. Keep playing with those tits. I can’t believe this is happening,” he groaned.

Watching a guy masturbate up close was one thing, but seeing a college-age guy do it while looking at her bare breasts drove her absolutely wild. Her secret masturbation fantasy had finally come true. She held in her emotions and excitement as she continued to fondle herself for him. 

It wasn’t long before he exhibited all of the tell tale signs of having an orgasm; a sight she hadn’t seen from a man since she became a single woman.

“Cum for me,” she said innocently. “I want to see you cum.”

His hands stroked faster and his moans became louder. His back suddenly arched, his muscles stiffened, and a flurry of his sperm shot up in the air and all over his stomach and body. He didn’t stop stroking until he was completely drained, with his eyes never leaving her body. Then when it was over, he collapsed and went completely limp.

She smiled, “Oh my. That was an impressive amount of fluids you just released.”

Tom didn’t reply, he just laid there, recovering, while Karen closed her top and reached over to grab a few pieces of tissue paper from her bedside table to toss on Tom’s stomach. 

“Thanks,” he replied, using the tissue to clean himself. “I haven’t felt anything like that in a really long time. I mean…actually doing that in front of you and seeing you touch yourself was almost better than hooking-up with any of my classmates. It…just…you know…”

“I know exactly what you mean Tom.  Just don’t ask for it again. Not anytime soon. This just might be a one time thing okay? I just don’t want things to get out of hand between us- no pun intended.”

“I guess so,” he complained. “But at least I got to experience this.”

With that said, the two of them said their ‘good nights’ and each headed to bed.


Karen sat at the breakfast table looking like her prim & proper self. Her hair and make-up were perfectly done, and she had on one of her more expensive pant suits in anticipation for an important meeting in just over an hour.

“Good morning sweetheart,” she said with a loving smile.

Tom smiled back and gave a kiss on the forehead before sitting down to eat. “Morning! I must say, you look extra wonderful this morning. And thank you for making me this breakfast. Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite cook?”

“Well aren’t you cheerful this morning,” she skeptically noted. “I don’t think you’ve ever thanked me for cooking, let alone complimenting me for it, or my looks. Please don’t tell me that you’ve been possessed.”

“I can’t help that I’m in a great mood. Especially after last night,” he smiled before digging in to his food.

“Oh, of course.  That . It was a pretty outrageous night, I’ll admit. And we both certainly got what we wanted out of it.”

“Does that mean you’ve pleasured yourself afterwards?” he asked with a smile.

“I guess there’s no point in denying it. The answer is yes , I did masturbate after you left, and it was great. I know it isn’t something that I should ever do with my son’s best friend, but it’s our little secret right?”

“You bet it is. And speaking of which, can we do it again really quick? I couldn’t stop thinking about you all night, or all morning after I woke up. I could really use the relief before I go to class.”

“Didn’t I say to not ask me about it again?” she asked in a peeved tone. “Besides, you looked like you released a healthy amount of sperm last night, so I refuse to believe that you need any type of ‘relief’ so soon.”

Tom gave a serious look. “The amount that I shot last night is what I consider to be

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