A Warrior's Redemption (The Warrior Kind)

A Warrior's Redemption (The Warrior Kind) by Guy Stanton III

Book: A Warrior's Redemption (The Warrior Kind) by Guy Stanton III Read Free Book Online
Authors: Guy Stanton III
Tags: epic fantasy
never kill enough of them to get back what was stolen from us. Instead we have become more and more like them. We have continued the cycle of violence that was first used against us. But something that we can do to break the cycle of useless violence that we’ve been caught up in is to use the skills and the experience they taught us.”
    I said, as I gestured towards the city glowing faintly off in the distance, “To fight for something that’s worth fighting for, even dying for. The land of my ancestry is a place where men still worship the Great Creator who made this world and all the others. The Creator God is real! I know this from my own personal experience! I’ve never seen the land of my ancestry, but yet I have been told of it. The people there still believe in the Great Creator and that is one of the reasons that our oppressors the Zoarinians are so committed to destroying them. Protecting such a people, protect ing the right to worship in freedom the God that I serve and put my trust in, is worth fighting for, even dying for. It may not be for you, but it is for me. Instead of wealth won by the swing of my sword I choose a life, where my actions bring life to others and wealth is measured by how many good friends I have and the faithfulness of a good woman and the love of children for me that I hope to have one day. If you choose to continue following me it will not be because of me or any purpose of man, but it will be because we fight for a higher cause than any of our own. We will live and die based on what the Creator wills for us. There will be no more me or you, there will only be what the Creator wills. If you wish to continue with me this is the way it will be. None of us here are good men by our past actions, but all of us here can be better men then we have been in the past, with the hope of an eternal destination other than hell, which is what each of us deserves. The decision of what you do now is yours, but if you follow me you know where I stand.” I said finishing, as I laid it out there for them.
    Renaldo stepped forward and said, “This Creator God you speak of, if you say He is real then I believe you, and I want to serve Him too, even if it costs me my life.”
    As one man the rest of them stepped forward and echoed Renaldo’s sentiment with statements of fealty to the God I served, who they hadn’t even experienced relationship with yet. What had I ever done to deserve the amount of faith they placed in me? Olaf was the last to speak, “Master I trust you and if you trust this God you speak of then how can I not trust Him too.”
    “You all stand affirmed in this oath to serve the Creator?” I asked looking around.
    “We do!” Thundered Olaf over the rest of them com bined.
    “Then I would like to say a prayer over us and our new quest.”
    I sank to my knees to pray. The humbleness of the action seemed fitting in this moment in time, as I was humbled beyond measure that such men would trust their souls to be guided by me of all people. I heard the sounds of the others falling to their knees. I couldn’t help but peak at them. The se weren’t childhood companions coerced into praying by their mothers like I had been, but instead these were rough men of war with the scars to prove it.
    They came from different cultures and spoke multiple languages that I didn’t even know and yet they humbled themselves before a God they believed in simply because they trusted me to know the right path to take in both war and life. Tears coursed down my cheeks at the high level of trust they placed in me and I felt humbled beyond belief to be before such men, whose faith seemed greater than my own.
    “Creator by faith these men believe in You as do I, by Your mighty actions You have performed on my behalf and the mercy You have freely given me I cannot but adore, serve, and worship You. Guide us through battle and peace and show us the paths to go down and those to avoid and above all teach us

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