A Thousand Years (Soulmates Book 1)

A Thousand Years (Soulmates Book 1) by Brigitte Ann Thomas

Book: A Thousand Years (Soulmates Book 1) by Brigitte Ann Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brigitte Ann Thomas
                  "Now, if you wouldn't mind excusing me, I have a hot date with your soul mate. And he’s dying to see me."
                  "I will admit, you are good at picking them. You always did have a fondness for the fiery ones. Stubborn, too. She's not screaming as much as I thought she would, but she will once the flames hit her," Dunstan said as he reappeared in the room with Eadric, a second lit torch in one hand and a can of gasoline he grabbed from the kitchen in the other. Dunstan felt Eadric's eyes follow him as he set the torch in a wall-mount.
                  Running his thumb over the cut in his lip, Dunstan leered at Eadric, a fiendish curve to the corner of his mouth.
                  “She’s a biter too.” Eadric pulled his restraints tight and tried to break through them again. Just the thought of Dunstan laying a hand on his soul mate made him dizzy with anger. He was helpless, and he hated it.
                  Dunstan came back to the bed to make a wide ring of accelerant around it.
                  Once he was certain the gas on the floor would contain the blaze he was planning, Dunstan doused the entire bed with the rest. He made sure Eadric was covered in it from head to toe. That way setting him on fire would be easy, and it would keep burning long enough to kill him slowly. Demon or not, he was still flammable.
                  “I would ask you if there was anything you wanted to say to me before I light you up, but your tongue is a little tied,” Dunstan said.
                  Dunstan took the torch back off the wall and carried it to the foot of the bed, holding it haphazardly in his hands. He waited until the first of Anabell’s screams broke the night air to drop it.
                  The terrified look on Eadric’s face was delicious. Eadric lit up like a dry branch struck by lightning. Fire engulfed him completely.
                  Dunstan just wished he could stick around to see them take their last breaths. As it was, he had places to be and affairs to get in order. He wasn't going to be anywhere near that place when her charred remains were discovered - Eadric's ashes would just blow away.

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                  “Lugh!” Anabell yelled, feeling the intense heat from the souls of her feet to her calves. She didn’t have to look down to know that the flames were just a few minutes from searing the skin on her bare feet. She could see a cloud of smoke pouring from the bedroom window – Eadric was in trouble. He was going to die if she didn’t get some help, Lugh was her only hope. "Lugh, get your godly ass down here now!"
                  Anabell was momentarily blinded when he appeared on the ground with a flash of light. Instead of the normal clothes she saw him in the night before when he surprised her, Lugh was wrapped in a white gossamer toga with strategically placed knot kept her from seeing too much of him, and his hair was blonde and braided down his back.
                  “Calling me to save your ass?” Lugh asked. The pyre was burning fiercely, licking their way up the space between Anabell and the highest peaks of the fire. There wasn’t time to talk with the speed it was going. She would be burning before she could explain herself.
                  Holding up his hand, Lugh froze the flames – bringing them to a standstill. Anabell’s jaw dropped open in shock. It was like he pressed a pause button on it, and it listened. It was too weird.
                  Sticking her foot down, she tried to touch the frozen flames but Lugh was in the air fast. He snatched her foot and held it away. The reproachful look on his face told her that she did something wrong.
                  “Just because I stopped them doesn’t make them safe to

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